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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Hello, my name is Nancy Boyda, and I don't have any idea what I'm talking about."

Read this from today's Topeka Capital-Journal,

"Boyda said being on the committee also would help her make sure last year's federal military base realignment process is fully funded. The process affects each of the three military bases in the 2nd Congressional District: Fort Riley, Fort Leavenworth and Forbes Field, near Topeka."

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy . . .BRAC is over. BRAC resulted in big gains for the Second District. Jim Ryun is largely responsible for that. Not once have you thanked him. Probably because from this quote, you think BRAC is still ongoing. Please get a clue.

Oh, and how about the reporters just letting her get away with it? We're not sure whose IQ is lower.

OK, and where have the reporters been on the issue of the war and Boyda anyway. In April, she said we neeeded to set a timetable to withdraw. In October, she backed away from that position and said we should listen to the Iraq Study Group. So which is it, get out or stay Nancy? Would someone please get her on the record.


Speculating Investigator said...

actually the Parsons ammunitions plant was on the BRAC cut list

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what your point is exactly. Yes, Parsons was on the list, but overall the district gained 10,000 jobs and Ryun got money for the Parsons plant and worked with the community to help with the transition.

Anonymous said...

Ryan "got money" for Parsons? Oh please!! The truth is, Parsons got money IN SPITE OF Ryan. For 10 long years, he didn't lift a finger for constituients. Unless you were a well heeled campaign contributor, he wouldn't give you the time of day. And now he wonders why he got trounced!!!

Anonymous said...

Ryun, not Ryan, got money for Parsons all the time. See the VA clinic, the airport and the KAAP. Just because Ann Charles, who by the way contributed to Boyda, hated Ryun and didn't ever cover anything he did for Parsons, doesn't mean he didn't work hard for them.

And, losing by less than 8,000 votes out of 225,000 cast isn't getting trounced.

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