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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Boyda's First Day

Congratulations to Nancy Boyda, she found her office, now this is newsworthy.

But, as we're all finding out, Nancy Boyda is a tireless self-promoter. Take this Parsons Sun story for instance.

To read that story, one would think no one has been doing anything to help Parsons and the KAAP plant that was unfortunately a loser in the BRAC process. Well, since Ann Charles, a Boyda campaign contributor, is the editor of the newspaper, her paper hasn't covered what Ryun, Brownback and Roberts have been doing for well over a year to help with KAAP.

I'm guessing the good Senators won't take too kindly to the newcomers assertion that they haven't been paying attention. Good luck getting their help on things you want to get done Nancy.

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