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Thursday, January 11, 2007

She's Still Backpeddling

Nancy Boyda must really be getting it from her base, because she's had to come out and apologize for her statements the first day on the job last week.

Here's excerpts from the Baldwin City Signal story.

Her statement on television was met with angry responses on the website of the Lawrence Journal-World.

"As a constituent who gave money to and campaigned for Nancy Boyda, my disappointment is deep and real," said one correspondent. "Boyda will be a one-termer if she does not get this one right."

In the meantime, though, Boyda is trying to do damage control. The Topeka Capital-Journal:

Rep. Nancy Boyda apologized Tuesday for a comment concerning the war in Iraq that she made to ABC News' Charlie Gibson last week.

"I want to apologize for an unclear and poorly stated response," she said during a morning teleconference. "Just the whole interaction there could have been done better."

She attributed the gaffe to "first-week jitters."


Anonymous said...

First week jitters. Did anyone listen to what she actually said during the campaign? This is pure Nancy - say whatever I think sounds good at the time, not matter the consequences.

Anonymous said... seems people are a nastily against nancy as people were rabid against ryun.

as a supporter and a friend of nancy's i say give her some time to settle in...and THEN decide if we need to kick her on her ass

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you boy Ryan took the highroad like Boyda did and apologized, he'd still be in office and YOU'd have a job.

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