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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Nancy Boyda is one slick operator.

Ask yourself this question, why would Nancy Boyda skip the Democrat love-fest last weekend?
The Demofest has been on the calendar for quite some time now, but Nancy Boyda in the last couple of weeks decided to go to Iraq. Going to Iraq is a good thing for the newly minted Rep, but why last weekend? Why not take in the kudos from Clinton and Sebelius?

Answer, she's positioned herself firmly in the I support the liberal Democrat agenda of Nancy Pelosi camp in Washington, but she still is trying to portray herself as "independent" back in Kansas.

Boyda could have picked from many, many trips to Iraq. She could have gone during the recent President's Day recess. She could go during the upcoming Spring Break. The only way to explain it is that she chose to skip the big Democrat gathering on purpose. She did not want her face on the front page of the newspapers with Sebelius and Clinton - even Paul Morrison. She's trying to sell her image to the Independents and Moderate Repubicans she fooled into voting for her the first time. She can't very well do that by wrapping her arms around a liar like Bill Clinton.

I, for one, will constantly remind people of the liberal positions she takes and the political paybacks she makes in Washington. The people of Kansas deserve to know where she really stands. They need to know that when they voted for change, it wasn't a change for the better. They voted to change the values represented in Washington to those of Nancy Pelosi and the elitist liberals. They voted to change from a Congressman who took principled stands on the issues, to one who's opinion changes faster than the weather. They voted to send someone to Washington who either doesn't care about our military bases or didn't care enough to find out she was voting to cut funding for them. And, they need to know she is voting to pay back the unions for neary a quarter of a million dollars in campaign contributions.

Had enough?


Anonymous said...

I've had enough. Can we recall Boyda?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she doesn't want her picture taken with sebelius, the most popular politician in Kansas.

Are you really that dumb? Or just chopping red meat for 22% of the electorate?

Anonymous said...

Get real, folks, get the chip off your shoulders, and do your homework. Members of the Arms Services committee (among others) went on that's not as though any one Congress person could take his/her pick of convenient dates! When, where, and how such trips take place is not decided on by the Congressional members going, but by the military. In a nutshell, she was doing what she was elected to do. It was kept mum for the same reasons that all such trips are kept mum: for security reasons. And as great as Washington Days are, surely you're not suggesting that in the overall scheme of things, her appearance there would have been more important than visiting our troops and getting a sense of what things are like over there. Did I hear this kind of whining when Jim Ryun went over there? When Sam Brownback went over there? If you can't be reasonable, at least be fair in your accusations.

Anonymous said...

To the last commenter, actually, as a Member of the Armed Services Committee, she could pick from any number of trips that go over to Iraq. The military goes when Members of Congress ask, not the other way around. You need to get a clue.

No one is whining about her going. read the post. It says because she could have chosen from other trips, she chose this one to avoid being labeled a democrats' democrat. Either that or her staff was tired of cleaning up her PR messes and decided getting her as far away from the microphones was the best place for her.

Anonymous said...

Sebelius' popularity may be a mile wide, but it's an inch deep. And the point is, Boyda insists she's independent and her performance in Washington has proved the opposite. She believed a positive, I went to Iraq, story was 100 times better than another reminder that she's a liberal democrat.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the previous writer's input and understanding as to the Armed Services Committee's travel protocol. According to both Jim Saxton and Bob Andrews, your assertion is incorrect that Congress gets to pick and choose at its whim, where and when to travel. Perhaps you have some insight that these Congressmen don't. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time. I guess it's a moot point anyway: I've been assured that Washington Days survived, even without Boyda's presence, and had a record number turn out for Clinton's speech. And it appears that the Congresswoman's constituency (less the aforementioned writer, of course) by and large supported Boyda's trip. Go figure the priorities of some people, eh?!

Anonymous said...

It's not like there is only one trip for Congress per month. They're hauling them over there all the time. We all know why Nancy went on this one and we know why there aren't any lovey pictures of Sebilius with Clinton, either.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick couple of items in response to the last contributor. #1, the Governor's name is spelled Sebelius, not Sebilius. And #2, if he/she was searching for a photo of the Governor and Clinton, he/she didn't need to look further than the the KC Star or Lawrence Journal World...the latter ran this one:

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