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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

As He Distorts It

Mike Gaughan wrote an op-ed for the Kansas City Star. In it he claims Nancy Boyda and Dennis Moore are the champions of the fiscally responsible. Once I finished laughing, and it took a while, I had to comment.

It’s easy to say we shouldn’t spend more than we can pay for, but the fundamental flaw with the Democrat world view is that they believe fiscal responsibility is best resolved by funding ridiculous levels of high spending with equally ridiculous levels of taxation.

The dynamic duo of Moore and Boyda recently voted for a budget that increased spending and provided for the largest tax increase in U.S. history. And, for forty years when the Democrats controlled Congress before 1994, they created a labyrinth of federal programs and bureaucracy that were spending us into oblivion.

Ever since Dennis Moore has been in Congress, he has been voting for Democrat budgets that would increase spending and taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars. If Mr. Gaughan thinks Nancy Boyda should team up with Dennis Moore than these are the kind of votes we can continue to look forward to.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Republicans failed to live up to their promises by overspending in Washington. Granted, they were hamstrung by an unavoidable downturn in the economy, September 11th’s further attack on an already tenuous economic condition, and the prosecution of the War on Terror.

Given those parameters, we still should be doing better. I place the blame in Washington in this order, some Republican United States Senators who never had any commitment to fiscal responsibility in the first place. Second, Democrat United States Senators who not only have no qualms about spending other people's money, but who threatened fillibusters of spending bills that didn't spend enough. Next, President Bush and his political team who advised him not to veto any Republican spending bills. Finally, House Republicans who decided to go along to get along and sign off on this course of action.

Hopefully, President Bush will bring fiscal conservatives back into the fold by vetoing any wasteful Democrat spending bills this year. But, let's not lose focus on who the "tax and spend" party really is - and it's not the Republicans.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tackle the other subject matter Mr. Gaughan inserted into his tilt at fiscal discipline. It makes absolutely no sense in the piece, but he says it anyway:

“Our troops are running short of equipment, particularly our National Guard soldiers, and we’ve seen the sorry conditions many veterans’ hospitals are in. That strikes at the heart of our security and our commitment to our military men and women.”

This is a feeble attempt at defending the fact Nancy Boyda voted against funding for our military installations. And, the fact Democrats have YET to pass the funding needed for our troops in the field thereby causing them to further hamper training and equipment repair efforts (a fact no amount of spin control in an op-ed can contradict) He also can’t spin the fact that the funding bill the House of Representatives did pass was filled with pork projects unrelated to funding the war.

Nice try though.

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