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Friday, April 20, 2007

You Said It

I don't know if this guy is a reader of ours, but he should be. We've been calling on people to write letters to the editor, so here's Byron's letter to the editor in the Cap Journal.

Election a travesty

I was extremely upset by the results of our last national election. I believe the American "sheeple" made some very serious mistakes we will pay for long into the future.

The most sickening mistake of all was the failure to re-elect Jim Ryun. That miscarriage far surpassed all the others.

Mr. Ryun was removed from office simply because of a vicious campaign of innuendo, slander and lies. And the people of Kansas allowed this. It was a travesty of personal destruction carried out against a decent man whom the people of Kansas should have been proud to have represent them. Instead, they rewarded the perpetrators of the travesty. They punished an honest, personable and reasonable statesman and replaced him with someone many of us know doesn't have our best interests in mind and is completely inept.

The people of Kansas should take the first opportunity to rectify this sickening mistake.

BYRON L. MADUSKA, Leavenworth


Anonymous said...

it DOES sound like something that would be, spiteful, and devoid of reasonableness.

you're so right!

Anonymous said...

I think the writer is echoing what a lot of people are experiencing....buyers remorse over their selection.

Anonymous said...

yeah...calling people "sheep" is a great way to win them back!

As for "inuendo"... let me come out and say it:

Jim Ryun raised money with a child predator, Mark Foley.

I hope that's sufficiently absent any innuendo.

Anonymous said...

It was unknown at the time of the fundraiser that Mark Foley had his problem. I think it is inappropriate and unfair to make that link. I don't fault Boyda because she serves in the same U.S. House with Congressman "$100,000 in my freezer" Jefferson and accept campaign contributions from the same sources.

Anonymous said...

that's a creative stretch.

Anonymous said...

leadership knew about foley...just because ryun was clueless...and freakin' lied...LIED...about knowing him


Anonymous said...

Ryun never denied knowing Foley. That was an article written by the twit that used to work for the Topeka Capitol Journal. Interestingly that reporter is no longer on the payroll.

Anonymous said...

It's true. Read the original article. Ryun never lied about knowing him.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post the original article??

Anonymous said...

First he said he didn't know him, then his campaign manager said he did know him.

But his denial, or lack thereof, doesn't matter.

The man raised money with a child predator. Everything else is details.

Anonymous said...

Ryun never, ever denied knowing him.

I attend a church of about 400. I know who most people there are, but don't really know a lot of them. Same thing for a Member of Congress.

Shoot, I don't even know a lot about all of my 10 neighbors.

If you are relying on a Topeka Capitol Journal article, woe unto you. The author of that article, Chris Moon, had a major political agenda and used that opportunity to exercise it.

Anonymous said...

moon wasn't a liberal plant. wouldn't know a democrat if it bit him on the ass

Anonymous said...

are you dening they co-hosted a fundraiser?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not. It was a fundraiser several Members of Congress who lived within the same block. However, and I will repeat it again, Ryun never denied knowing Mark Foley. He knew him but not well.

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