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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cole Didn't Recruit Ryun - Boyda's Fibbing Gaining Notice

While the Second District is a target in the mind of the NRCC Chairman, Tom Cole didn't push for Ryun to run again according to the Washington Post.

It's still to early to tell if the fact he didn't push for Ryun to run means he won't still get behind Ryun to avoid a primary. Many of Ryun's other former colleagues have lined up to support him, a fact Ryun will likely play to his advantage.

However, we will see at the next quarterly FEC report if any of Ryun's former moderate colleagues back Jenkins instead.

Red State offered this commentary on the Cole story.


A friend in DC sent us an article excerpt without identifying the publication (the author is Michael Brady), but here are some excerpts which show others are watching what Nancy Boyda is saying:

Boyda, Shea-Porter reverse course on campaign contributions

U.S. Reps. Nancy Boyda, left, and Carol Shea-Porter, right, have backtracked on recent campaign finance pledges.

After winning praise back home for their independence by “rejecting financial assistance from their (party) leadership,” U.S. Representatives Carol Shea-Porter, D-NH1, and Nancy Boyda, D-KS2, have reversed course, taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Democrat leaders.

According to a report in the Politico, the two members “declined to participate in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Frontline" program, which helps vulnerable members raise money early and receive logistical support for their re-election bids.”

. . . . . .

Boyda('s) . . . spokeswoman telling the Politico’s Josh Kraushaar, “she ran an independent campaign in 2006, and her constituents want to see her run an independent campaign again.”

But a review of Boyda’s and Shea-Porter’s latest Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filings indicate their campaigns are not completely independent from the party leadership they publicly shunned, and that the contributions they’ve received mirror those of “Frontline” candidates.

. . . . . .

Boyda fared even better, with $5,000 from Hoyer, $4,000 from Democrat Conference Chair Rahm Emanuel, $2,000 from DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen, $2,000 from both Zoe Lofgren and Susan Davis, and $1,000 each from Degette, John Peterson, and Tammy Baldwin.

The member’s contributing to Boyda and Shea-Porter have been giving generously to members included on the 29-member “Frontline” list, the very list on which the two freshmen declined to be publicly included.

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