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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

You Said It

A letter to the editor from today's Cap Journal.

I read April 26 that Rep. Nancy Boyda voted in favor of the war budget legislation, which requires U.S. combat operations to end by next March in Iraq.

I am a veteran of the Vietnam era and a registered Democrat who votes regularly. But Nancy Boyda doesn't represent me in this voting action, and I can assure her she doesn't represent the majority of Americans.

She is representing herself and the "we are to be kings" Democratic Party.

President Bush has made his fair share of mistakes in office. But he hasn't had the morals of a rabbit like former President Clinton and Sen. Ted Kennedy, which means a lot to me. What President Bush lacks is the support of Congress, especially over this war.

Nobody likes war, but let's face facts. The biggest problem in Iraq isn't how we got there; it is that we are fighting this war like "gentlemen" because of Washington politicians and their self interest.

Let the military leaders fight this war and be done with it. Support our military leaders and our troops like President Bush does.

JIM STADLER, Silver Lake

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