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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Headlines

Cap Journal Editorial Board calls for restrictions on political free speech. Isn't it a bit odd that a newspaper would officially call for restrictions on political free speech (i.e. the annoying robo-calls)? In case the editors forgot, free speech is what our country was founded on. Sadly, it's not unprecedented for newspapers to opine against the freedom their industry was founded on as newspaper editorial boards all over the country called for campaign finance reform to limit political free speech.

WIBW stops airing Jenkins Hit. It sounds like Club for Growth will send a new ad with better disclosures on it, but we'll have to wait and see. I agree with Stay Red Kansas who said Jenkins should have removed her accusatory tone against the Ryun campaign on coordinating with Club for Growth on this ad. Club for Growth has a well-established history of going into races across the country on their own initiative and getting involved. Instead, the Jenkins camp has shown it will resort to Boyda-like guilt by association tactics in attacking Jim Ryun. Maybe Ryun will do the same to Jenkins at some point, but thus far, he hasn't.


Anonymous said...

"Boyda-like guilt by association tactics"

Unlike you guys, who would never desperately stoop so low as to associate Boyda with Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Boyda campaigned that she would be independent. She made a big deal this year that she was going to continue to be independent. The fact that she votes with Pelosi 95% of the time doesn't make her guilty of anything Nancy Pelosi does, what it does do is demonstrate she is anything but independent. Therefore, it's not guilt by association, it's pretty good proof Nancy Boyda is full of it when she claims to be independent.

Anonymous said...

She voted for her as Majority Leader, she votes with her as Majority Leader and she will lose votes because of her as Majority Leader - how should she not be associated?

Anonymous said...

Have you read the Jenkins campaign press release? It calls CFG Ryun's "surrogate" "cronies" and "friends". It does not state (although the WIBW piece does) that Ryun produced or cooridinated the ads.

Let's not let the liberal media put words in the campaign's mouths. It's going to be plenty tough without allowing the media to pour gas on the fire with inaccurate paraphrasing.

Ironic that the "fight" is the lede to the WIBW story instead of the innaccuracy of an ad that has apparently been widely viewed in the District.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that Jim Ryun coordinated these expenditures. He has been lobbying - in fact begging - for Club for Growth independent expenditures. Ryun is going to run a very nasty campaign. Expect lots of dirty under the table deals.

Anonymous said...

The state party should call to ask Jim Ryun to pull the ads. What ever happened to Reagan's eleventh amendment?

Anonymous said...

The Reagan legacy has been hijacked by religious right conservatives. I only wish Reagan was alive today to show us how a real leader would act.

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