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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Boyda Jumps on Democrat Talking Points

Boyda condemns Bush for commuting Scooter Libby's sentence. What I want to know is why this reporter didn't ask what Boyda's opinion was of all the pardons Bill Clinton handed out on his way out the door? Weak (or biased) journalism. Dennis Moore also condemned Bush, and I know Dennis Moore didn't condemn the Clinton pardons. Also not mentioned in the story.


Anonymous said...

Typical politics. No surprise. Same thing would happen if Bush was a Democratic President.

Uncle Pavian said...

What I want to know is, What's the deal with Terry Tuckwin?

Anonymous said...

Sooo.... Boyda should jump on Republican talking points because they are so hot... you know helping commit treason is something i used to think republicans opposed.

Anonymous said...

Richard Armitage gave Valerie Plame's name to the press, not Libby. After all those months on the case, if the special prosecutor would have had evidence Libby committed treason, he would have charged him with it.

Uncle Pavian said...

Flesh this out for me a little bit, please. What exactly was the treasonous act, and how is it different from Mrs. Pelosi's (Democrat, California) trip to Syria?

Anonymous said...

first off- talking about Clinton pardons is bad journalism- it is all about the now, baby.

second, Pelosi's trip to Syria didn't put anyone's life in danger, and, certainly, wasn't nearly as inappropriate as Libby and company's actions.

Uncle Pavian said...

If "outing" Mrs. Wilson had been illegal, it looks to me as if the guy who "outed" her, in this case, Richard Armitage, would have been charged with something. The reason he wasn't charged was that Mrs. Wilson wasn't a covert agent and it wasn't illegal to talk about her with reporters. The only "crime" the special prosecutor could find was a process crime relating to what Mr. Libby said to investigators about what he said to a reporter. The only way you get "treason" out of that is with an irrational hatred of George Bush, which is really all this whole business has been about anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Wilson was a covert agent. That is why CIA forwarded the case to Justice for investigation. I am not aware of so much as a single official statement indicating otherwise.

Armitage was not charged because the law requires knowledge that Wilson was covert, and the sources from which Armitage says he found out didn't indicate that Wilson was covert, so Fitzgerald didn't think he get conviction.

Libby was convicted of obstruction of justice because he lied to prevent Fitzgerald about these same issues: where he found out about Wilson. He said he found out from reporters. The jury concluded that was a lie. And it's a critical lie because it deals directly with an element of the underlying crime -- disclosing the identity of a covert agent.

It's also critical because it prevented Fitzgerald from getting at the true source of Libby's information, which he appears to believe was Cheney. If Cheney supplied the information to Libby and instructed him to leak it, he's just as guilty as Libby.

Uncle Pavian said...

Hmm...Invoking the old "What I tell you three times is true" Rule, I see.
Even if there were anything more than a process crime based on a faulty memory and a personal vendetta here, and I'm pretty sure there isn't, obstruction of justice is not treason.
Of course, if a Federal judge decides to throw a guy in jail after his sentence has been commuted by the President of the United States, the iron bars will clang shut unless another Federal judge decides to let him out.

Anonymous said...

I guess if the truth of your talking points gets challenged, you just switch to new talking points.

So I'll challenge those:

Republican Attorney General John Ashcroft appointed Republican Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate a possible violation of the intelligence identities protection act, a law that passed with every single Republican voting in favor. Fitzgerald indicted Libby and Republican Judge Reggie Walton presided over his trial where Libby was convicted by a jury of his peers (party affiliation unknown). Judge Walton sentenced Libby in accordance with sentencing guidelines that are usually strongly supported by Republicans. Libby appealed to the D.C. Circuit Court where a 3-judge panel of one Democrat and two Republicans unanimously ruled that Libby must go to jail while appealing because his appeal did not raise any "substantial question" about the process that led to his guilty verdict.

If this is a "vendetta," it doesn't look like it's Democrats like Nancy Boyda carrying it out.

Uncle Pavian said...

Uh huh. Still doesn't make it treason. And it still doesn't mean that the President can't commute his sentence.
The people who feel the need to criminalize policy differences will eventually learn that what goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Plame hasn't been anything even near covert since Aldrich Ames turned double agent(and probably not even then). When Ames was found out, everyone in his unit, having been compromised, were sent into totally public CIA jobs. The Wilsons are pathetic.
You'll have to hand it to Clinton, though, at least he got boatloads of money for he and his family for each pardon.

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