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Saturday, July 7, 2007

I Agree With Nancy

Nancy's website still has the slogan, "Nothing will change until we change Congress" on it. The problem is, Nancy claimed she would help facilitate that change and she duped 50.5% of the voters in 2006 that she was a change agent.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In just 6 short months she's proven to be 100% pro-abortion, which is contrary to her campaign promises on the trail. She's proven to be completely inconsistent on the war. She's voted for higher taxes and higher spending. She voted against enforcing the ethics rules in the House when it came to enforcing them against John Murtha. She votes with the most liberal Speaker in history 95% or more of the time.

The only issue she seems to be consistent with the district on is that she says she'd oppose the Senate immigration bill. Even that is a contradiction from the positions she took last year when she was running.

Nancy Boyda is nothing more than a typical liberal Democrat politician. So I say, Nancy, leave the slogan on your website. I agree with you that we need to change our Representation in Congress.

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