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Monday, August 20, 2007

August Recess

When the members of Congress go out to play during August recess, it doesn't make for as many interesting votes to talk about and it certainly doesn't give Nancy Boyda any chances to walk out on well respected retired Generals, and by the way General Keane is apparently none to pleased with Boyda's antics.

Now Boyda says we have to withdraw troops because they are stretched too thin. Actually, we're going to withdraw some troops because the surge was never designed to go on forever. But we already know we shouldn't bother Boyda with the facts.

Last night I caught the 1/2 Hour News Hour on Fox. There's a clip I'm waiting to see on YouTube where a reporter brings the "bad news" from Iraq, we're driving back Al Qaeda, Iraqi civilian casualties are down, tribal leaders are working with us, etc. When asked what about us actually winning in Iraq, the reporter quips something along the lines of "It's too early to talk about the doomsday scenario." When I find it, I'll post it.

Anyway, back to recess. Sorry for the slower posting rate. I've been taking some time off myself, but will try to do a little better than last week moving forward. Also, if you see Boyda out and about this August, I want to hear from you. Or, if you see Lynn Jenkins or Jim Ryun out and about this August, I want your first hand report.


Anonymous said...

what would you like to know? Boyda was in Overbrook on August 11 for about 3 hours doing one of her Congress on Your Corner things and I guess she was in Paola on Saturday and will be in Manhattan tonight doing the same kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

welcome back from band camp.

Anonymous said...

All I hear of Jenkins is the KTRM Kids whining about other Republicans. I wish she'd get her campaign going. Boyda is screwing up right and left. Her constiutent services suck. She's written off all her military support. If Jim and Lynn are waiting for the pouty little Topeka paper to notice, they're delusional. Maybe KTRM has a rule about never mentioning Democrat weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

Boyda's constituent services ARE terrible. Not only are they extremely slow, they are also uninformed on many of the federal issues and how to handle problems. I moved to Topeka 8 years ago from Colorado (Joel Hefley's district). Hefley and Ryun's offices were very skilled at handling constituent service work and didn't need to sound the trumpets to the papers to call attention to themselves.

Anonymous said...

I saw Boyda recently at one of her Congress on the Corner events. I specifically asked her about her position on abortion and partial birth abortion. She said and I'm hoping it makes the newspaper "I'm not here to answer questions on hypothetical issues". Wow, is the taking the life of the innocent unborn now "hypothetical".

Anonymous said...

i hate to say it, but i don't think her constituent services are that bad...i don't know about stuff coming from DC, but i know first had her local people are excellent- they helped me straighten out a passport problem.

i was pleasantly surprised

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