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Thursday, August 2, 2007

More Boyda Fallout

From today's Parsons Sun, another editorial that hits the nail on the head. It's all on point, but this concluding paragraph is dead on to the hypocrisy in Boyda's statements:

"Boyda was wrong to walk out during the general's testimony. She should have remained seated and then questioned the general's assessment at the end of his testimony. Boyda claims that nobody is willing to have a real conversation about Iraq. In order to have a real conversation, you must listen to both sides. Walking out on one side of the conversation shows that Boyda herself is not ready to have a real conversation."


Anonymous said...

Sadly our Congresswoman is quickly becoming a laughingstock!

Anonymous said...

Sad, yes. But completely predictable.

Anonymous said...

Once again the poor Iola paper will have to carry all the water for Boyda. I'll bet the Lynns are getting a little weary of this.

Anonymous said...

Where is Ann Charles when you need her?! She has got to be furious that someone had the audacity to write a balanced editorial.

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