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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boyda on Petraeus

Nancy Boyda released a statement about General Petraeus testimony yesterday. The header says she released it after his testimony, but the generality of the statement and the fact she stuck to the same lines she was giving everyone this summer indicates it was written before the testimony.

In an attempt to play to the middle of the second district, Boyda has changed her tune in recent months, saying we need to get out of Iraq to prepare for future terrorist attacks. It's her mushy stance she hopes will keep the liberals from abandoning her while appealing to "pro-defense" Independents (I have documented on this blog the many times Boyda has changed her stance on Iraq, so it's no surprise she's moving on the issue again).

In hindsight, I tend to agree that going into Iraq, we didn't have the right plan to win the peace. However, hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20. And, I don't think there's any question that if we pull our troops out of Iraq now, we better prepare for future terrorist attacks here at home because the terrorists won't be fighting us there and can deploy over here.

The statement goes on to indicate that terrorists are very strong in Iran, Syria and North Korea and are growing stronger in 60 countries. So, is Nancy saying that if terrorists attack us from one of these other 60 countries that she is OK with sending our troops over to attack that country . . . if so, she can forget about appeasing the liberals . . .


At the end of her press release, Boyda disavowed the ad against General Petraeus. Of course, she still thinks it was OK for her to call retired General Keane a liar who was insulting our military . . .


Anonymous said...

Let's not be too hard on Mrs. Boyda (Democrat, Kansas). After all, this time she didn't get up in the middle of the general's testimony to go chat and have coffee with people in an anteroom. I think it shows that she's catching on.

Anonymous said...

oh, you're soooo funny!

Anonymous said...

She had Steny Hoyer here for a fundraiser today so she won't stray too far from the Democrat party line. It will be tough on her since she hardly has the brains to finess this.

Anonymous said...

her statement was beautiful spin...just that, lots of the person who said she doesn't have the brains for this is being ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

ok, so, again, this blog fails.

I'll catch you all up, provide the anti-boyda spin and the pro-boyda spin, k?

"Boyda brought in House Majority leader Steny Hoyer to do a fundraiser for her in topeka earlier this week, clearly yet another sign she is abandoning her pledge to be an independent politician."


"Boyda brought in star power to help her raise money from topeka politicos- locals, not big name lobbyists, but local supporters. It shows the national party is interested in helping a woman gather local, grassroots support, and that everyone involved is interested in helping her not have to take DC money."

thank you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The statement was lame and silly from someone who supposedly represents two military bases. But at least it isn't the usual hysterical and stupid. Probably boilerplate from the DNC, since they realize that they cooked themselves in these hearings.

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