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Friday, September 21, 2007

What Will Nancy Do?

The NRCC sent out the following press release . . .

Washington- Nancy Boyda (KS-02) and the Democrats rode into Washington on a high horse. So far nothing has changed. Now, Boyda has the golden opportunity to make good on her campaign promises to support comprehensive earmark reform.

Today, House Republican leaders introduced a discharge petition in order to bring real, comprehensive earmark reform legislation to the floor. A majority of the U.S. House of Representatives' current total membership – 217 Members – must sign the petition in order to stop pork-barrel projects from being slipped into legislation in the dead of night.

Nancy Boyda promised to support openness and transparency:
“Congress must never waste a single taxpayer dime on needless spending… I'll support legislative rules changes to ensure that proposed federal spending is subjected to a competitive awards process that values national necessity over political gain.” (

“On the campaign trail, Nancy Boyda promised voters that she would work hard for transparency and reform,” said NRCC Communications Director Jessica Boulanger . “Will Boyda have the courage to do the right thing and sign this petition to put a stop to secret earmarks, or will she once again cave to the partisan pressures of Washington ?”

Track the signatures on the discharge petition and see if Nancy Boyda stands for real earmark reform.


Anonymous said...

just a partisan ploy...boyda already released all of her earmarks..and, from the looks of it, it's only R's who have signed the petition...none of the KS R's, I notice, though

Anonymous said...

Tiahrt is on the Appropriations committee, don't look for him to sign . . . Moran will have to stick his finger in the wind for a few weeks before making up his mind . . .

If Boyda meant what she said about providing accountability, shouldn't she be for this though? I thought she was going to be "independent" and do what's right. Sounds like she is standing with her party's leadership.

Anonymous said...

naw, this isn't standing with her party, this is not signing the other parties thing when her party is doing it's own thing....never give the other side a victory if you can give your own side one instead

Anonymous said...

Problem is, her side ain't doin anything. They've got one of the all-time pork supporters, Dave Obey as their Appropriations Chairman and he's not about to go for real earmark reform.

Anonymous said...

her party has done more to pass earmark reform than the R's did in 12 years....explain to me how the hell we can be critical at this point? they've done MORE than we did...if it was a probably, why didn't we do it when we were in the majority? oh, yeah, but the R's in congress are worse than the Democrats

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