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Friday, October 12, 2007

Boyda Slide

According to the lastest Rothenberg Report, Nancy Boyda has put herself in the position of being a pure toss-up race - not good for an incumbent this far before the election.

Not only does Boyda have two credible Republicans - a five term Congressman and a twice elected statewide Treasurer - lining up to challenge her, but she's proven to be anything but the "almost Republican Democrat" she ran as last year.

Look for Boyda's seat to slip into the tilt-Republican side sometime next Spring when Ryun and Jenkins start releasing poll results . . .


Anonymous said...

i don't see R's doing any better next time than they did in 06...Boyda's an incumbent after all, and ryun and jenkins will have bled each other dry pretty damn early, having convinced all the independents in the district why neither one is electable.

Boyda is, of course, vulnerable, but i think it isn't a good idea to get over confident...that's what lost jim his seat.

Anonymous said...

If you don't see Rs doing any better in 2008 than they did in 2006, you evidently haven't paid attention to Presidential year election cycles. Good work, Sherlock.

Anonymous said...

nothing i said in the first post is changed by you pointing out it will be a presidential year. Moore survived, Slattery did for a decade.

Anonymous said...

Slattery survived presidential elections in a district with different boundaries.

Moore survived against Kobach in a district that was 3% worse than the Second District.

Boyda wouldn't have won in a presidential year . . . her margin wasn't big enough. So, she needs to be improving, not going backwards.

Anonymous said...

moore survived against Taff in a presidential year...anyone could have beat kobach.

i think she is improving and am not sure why it's a toss up- almost definately about money, though

Anonymous said...

or, perhaps, look for nancy to get even more safe as jim and lynn rip each other apart.

that sounds more like the KS Republican Party I'm a member of.

Anonymous said...

also- it's more than a year out- at this point in 2005 Boyda wasn't even close to i'm not sure how much this matters...just like i'm not sure how much SRK's poll mattered

Anonymous said...

Boyda's insults at the military, that joke of a Farm Bill, voting over and over to raise her constituents' taxes: Could we have hoped for anything better in an opponent?

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