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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Yesterday Nancy Boyda sent out another campaign e-mail.

This one thanked her supporters for helping with fundraising . . . then invited them to come hear her speak at her church.

First observation, if Jim Ryun would have sent this out, he would have been ridiculed as a right wing religious fanatic.

Second observation, Nancy Boyda had campaign meet and greets at churches last year, but no one said anything about it. Yet, Phill Kline spoke at churches for political purposes and was derided by the Democrats. Before you say Nancy's different, people have told me Nancy asked them for campaign contributions at church.

There might not be a memo like Kline had, but this appears to be a campaign strategy.

So, the question for discussion is, should Nancy Boyda be making political appearances at churches under the auspices of faith any more than Phill Kline?


Anonymous said...

Clinic was speaking at evangelical crazy churches...Boyda's speaking at a Methodist Church.

There isn't a real difference...someone's talking to crazy christians, one is talking to moderate christians...whatever

Anonymous said...

I think the point is she is still speaking in a church. Probably the first time she's darkened it's doorstep since the election. It was a great prop, though.

Anonymous said...

hardy har har...didn't this blog just make a big deal about her going to a mission trip with her church?

i hate meanspirited politics

Anonymous said...

Boyda's a liberal, so she can do whatever she wants and no one in the press -- certainly not the Kansas press -- will ever hold her accountable.

Anonymous said...

"Boyda's a liberal, so she can do whatever she wants and no one in the press -- certainly not the Kansas press -- will ever hold her accountable."


Anonymous said...

this blog didn't make a big deal about her taking a mission trip. it said she didn't mention it was a mission trip the first time she sent an e-mail out about it . . . now that I think about it thought, I'd agree, she seems to be courting the church-going moderates and independent.

Anonymous said...

if she is..good for her! she is a church going moderate...kline was campaigning with the wrong kind of christian, and doing it in a really fake way

Anonymous said...

I read the CJ when I have to. They've never reported it when Boyda left the meeting with the general. It got nationwide attention, but the most important paper in her district didn't mention it. It would be interesting to hear how the Kansas press isn't biased toward the left.

Btw, what is the "wrong kind of christian"?

Anonymous said...

the cap j endorsed jim ryun...enough evidence?

Uncle Pavian said...

Ever since the Wall Street Journal revealed that Mrs. Boyda (Democrat, Kansas) believes she was called by God to run for Congress, I've been wondering: How closely does The Lord supervise what she does? When she walked out on General Keane, was that because God told her to leave, or did she come up with that on her own?
Just asking...

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