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Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Editor, Same Old Stuff from the Parsons Sun

Nancy Boyda-Pelosi has the press snowed.

Boyda-Pelosi called the Parsons Sun and complained about a story the Sun ran on November 1 from Harris News Service which aired criticism of Boyda-Pelosi for taking financial assistance from Democrat leadership after saying she wouldn't. The Sun (much like the Cap Journal earlier this year on the Democrats failure to fund our military posts) ran an editorial giving Boyda a break.

The editorial says Boyda-Pelosi is right to take advantage of bringing in Pelosi to raise money. Saying she needs to compete with national money. Well, maybe Boyda-Pelosi should have thought about that before saying she wouldn't. You see, bringing in Pelosi is pretty clearly a violation of not taking help from Democrat leadership, and Boyda-Pelosi did take Frontline money, just not "officially" - getting money from leadership PACs and other common Frontline contributors.

Yes, that means this Parsons Sun editorial is the result of either lazy journalism or undue pressure from a Member of Congress. Either way, it got the story wrong.


Anonymous said...

You know, I admire your dedication, but this Pelosi bit just isn't sticking. I'm not normally one to give advice to the enemy, but perhaps you need some new talking points. Also, where is your evidence that Rep. Boyda or anyone from her office called this newspaper? What Rep. Boyda has said is that she would vote for what she thought was right, not what the party told her to do (see her bucking leadership with illegal immigrant DLs) Just because she votes the same way sometimes does not mean shes a lapdog. And when she rejected frontline $ it was because she knew there would be strings attached and she didnt want DC people running her campaign. Can we move on from this campaign of disinformation now?

Anonymous said...

Illegal Immigrant DLs is a state issue. In fact the federal government COULD NOT pass a law forcing states to issue DLs to illegal immigrants unless they implemented a national ID card or DL.

Now just because Hilary screwed the pooch in a debate and made it a national topic of discussion, Boyda running to the media to say she's against them doesn't show she's bucking leadership.

Interesting that Kathy wants them, but that's another day.

Anonymous said...

Boyda has rejected Frontline money? Which check did she not take that the other Frontline people did? Please, inform us, because as I look at and compare Boyda with other Frontline members, she's gotten virtually check for check what the others have. Disinformation is one thing, calling someone out is another. Seriously, just because she said she wouldn't take it doesn't mean she isn't. That does make sense to the first poster, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

What Boyda has rejected is direct meddling in the affairs of her campaign from Washington. She did not say she won't accept money from Jack Murtha or Chuck Rangel or anyone else, she said she is going to run her campaign her way without regard to what the DNC or the DCCC wants her to do.

Anonymous said...

The fed gov could pass a law tying transportation money to the issue, as your idol Ronald Reagan showed us all with the drinking age.

Anonymous said...

Ask any reporter or editor and they'll tell you, if Nancy Boyda reads a story she doesn't like, she and or her staff calls to "correct it." I dare Nancy Boyda to deny it.

Anonymous said...

"ask any reporter or editor..." is not proof. What it also tells me is this post is based on PURE ASSUMPTION on your part. You didn't say "The Editor of the Parsons Sun told me..." which would still be flimsy, but I digress. You ramble on and on about how misleading Nancy Boyda is, and then you post GARBAGE like this based on pure assumption. I don't know if you actually are a journalist (I am) but you sure seem to want people to think you are, but journalists don't (or at least shoudln't) operate on assumptions, they operate on facts. Even Fox News at least waits to get evidence, even if its directly from the Bush Administration and patently false.

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