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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Turns Out, Nancy Likes Shoes Too

Last year, now out of state liberal Josh Rosenau and many of the Democrats in Kansas, railed against Jim Ryun for introducing bills to fix tariffs on shoes. They went so far as to say Jim Ryun had a shoe fettish. Anyone who actually knows the Second District, knows it is the home to Payless Shoes. And, there have been rumors that Payless might move their headquarters. Thusly, Jim Ryun was doing his job - no credit though from the Democrats.

Nancy Boyda-Pelosi gets involved in the issue and nothing from the Democrats. Either they are now being hypocritical OR someone clued them in that this is important to keeping Payless in Kansas.

And by the way, Pat Roberts is also supporting this . . .


Anonymous said...

one "t" in fetish

and you're just a few weeks behind on this one, sonny jim

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're way too familiar with fetishes . . . and why would Jim Ryun bring this up . . . and maybe they were waiting to see if any Senators picked up the legislation. The fact Pat is on board strengthens the point.

Anonymous said...

Why would a foreign tariff impact whether Payless ShoeSource keeps its headquarters in Topeka or not? They will also pay this tariff if they move to another state.

Anonymous said...

Payless has been on their way out of Topeka for about the past decade, and there's nothing that any Congressman could do to stop them.

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