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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Boyda-Pelosi . . . Another Hypocritical Move

Nancy went to WIBW to tout legislation she supports to eliminate the shoe tariff.

This is the same Nancy Boyda-Pelosi who rails against NAFTA and obsesses on the so-called NAFTA Super Highway. Yet, now she wants to stamp out the shoe tariff with no concessions on labor or the environment.

Also, Boyda-Pelosi's supporters in 2006 ridiculed Ryun for wrting legislation to lower tariffs on shoe imports. Anywhere from "shoe fetish" to "sending more jobs overseas." But, I don't look for consistency from her hypocritical supporters either.

I am a free trade person. I think free trade benefits everyone, except labor unions. Nancy Boyda-Pelosi says she supports "fair trade." This is code to disguise her protectionism. Yet, once again she has seen fit to dump her "principles" and shift with the winds . . . kind of like her positions on immigration and the war in Iraq.

It's tiring keeping up with the hypocrisy and flip-flopping on the issues.


Anonymous said...

you get more and more pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The writer of this blog is asking a lot of Boyda. How dare you ask for consistency from our elected representative.

Anonymous said...

if only she had done something that wasn't consistent.

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