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Monday, January 28, 2008

What We All Knew About Kathy Already

On Kathleen Sebelius' speech from the Politico via CBS:

And gosh, she was terrifically boring. Today, I went from Barack Obama to George Bush to Kathleen Sebelius, and I seemed like I was going downhill in rhetorical ability-o-meter. Wow.

Here's the text of Sebelius' speech, which was actually pretty good if you read the text. That is, if you stayed awake through her delivery . . .

Kathleen Sebelius won twice for Governor against two inferior campaigns and candidates without saying virtually any word to camera and making very few campaign stops where she gave speeches to crowds. She was built on hype and fluff, not substance or ideas - basically the result of a good PR agency. America found out what we already knew, Kathleen Sebelius is not ready for prime time.

And to think Nancy Boyda-Pelosi is several rungs down on the ladder . . .


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard Jim Ryun speak? Do you know what they called our good Senator Sam in Iowa? The man with less charisma than Mike Gravel.

tonight was a really great night for the state of Kansas, let alone for the Governor, and it's really sad all your right wing wackos couldn't leave off for a day without insulting someone who did something pretty damn awesome.

but, since you won't, i won't either- you look so stupid when you don't call nancy boyda "nancy boyda" that non one takes you seriously...all you're good for is pissing poeple like me off, and i'm not going to vote for Jim or Lynn.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think you were ever going to vote for Jim or Lynn, but thanks for adding your very insightful comments. The world is a better place today because of them.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what has happened with Governor Sebelius lately. Her talk last night and the state of the state address both had little emotion and she seemed "Al Gore-like" stiff.

What I watched of her last night made President Bush look warm and engaging. And that takes a bit.

Anonymous said...

ummm.....numbers, jackass?

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