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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

According to the Scorecards - She is Liberal

Nancy Boyda is indeed Nancy Boyda-Pelosi . . .

When you pull up the "progressive" scorecard (progressive means liberal, really liberal) it says, Nancy Boyda scored only a 40%, sounds like she's in the center, right? Wrong. She scores 0% on the "conservative" side of the ledger.

In fact, on every vote that's taken place on the progressive/liberal agenda, Boyda-Pelosi voted with the liberals. Her score has only gone down because she hasn't co-sponsored (lent her name to) pieces of legislation that they want to push forward. But, when the rubber meets the road and Boyda has to vote, it's liberals 100% to conservatives 0%.

In fact, there are more Boyda scores (based on actual votes):

NARAL -100%
Service Employees International Union - 89%
The uber-liberal Americans for Democratic Action - 80%
League of Conservation Voters 70%
ACLU - 67%

If you combine these 5 with the Progressive scorecard above, based on actual votes taken, Boyda scores 84.3% liberal.

What about conservative group ratings:

Americans for Prosperity - 0 %
Club for Growth - 0%
Family Research Council - 6%

If you combine these 3 with the Progessive scorecard above, based on actual votes taken, Boyda scores a 1.5% conservative.

The verdict is in, Boyda has an 84.3% average liberal score versus 1.5% average conservative score. When it counts, Nancy votes liberal.


Anonymous said...

when it counts? i think her votes are what count, and her voting record is distinctly moderate.

and THANK GOD she gets a 0% from Americans for Prosperity...they're lunatics.

Also...why didn't you link to where you got those numbers? I'd like to check for myself.

Anonymous said...

according to all the interest groups who have released scores so far, she is distinctly liberal.

but why confuse a Democrat with the facts.

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