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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Boyda Strips Funding for Forts

Nancy Boyda has voted to strip funding for Fort Riley and Fort Leavenworth, to the tune of nearly $400 million. Jim Ryun had worked with Senators Roberts and Brownback to get this funding in the bill. While it is likely that the Pentagon will fund these projects anyway, Boyda is sending a strong signal that she will go along with the Democrat leadership whenever they ask. The Democrats also put forward a funding resolution which Boyda supported that will cut the money available for BRAC transition by more than 50%. This could deliver a huge blow to the Parsons area which lost the KAAP to the latest BRAC round. Boyda seems to be fitting right in to Washington rather than looking out for her district, at least when it comes to the military.


Anonymous said...

The Tonganoxie Mirro editorial PRAISES Boyda's decision. Obviously in your zeal to re-elect your former employer (Jim Ryan) you forgot how to READ. LOL

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call it praising. It sounded like the Mirror was saying
"we're watching you."

Anonymous said...

It's RYUN, you idiot. When did you start paying attention to politics in KS? Yesterday?

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