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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Boyda's Letter to the Editor Campaign Continues

Well, the Boyda letter to the editor brigade (i.e. Steve Boyda shipping them out to supporters) has already responded to the LJ World editorial taking Sebelius and Boyda to task for politicizing the NABF task force.

The letter first talks about sending a message that voters are against earmarks. What does that have to do with the subject at hand?

Then the letter talks about our representatives advocating for our best interests. First of all, nothing would prohibit Boyda from advocating without horning in on the task force. Second, where was Boyda when our troops needed her to advocate for them. Answer, Boyda was MIA and has spent the last few weeks trying to explain it away.

Next, the letter says Boyda represents a large part of KU, wrong. The second district covers about 2 blocks of KU.

The final point of we want to talk about the is that the writer suggests it would be absurd for Boyda not to be interested in the project. Of course it would, but maybe the letter writer didn't read the editorial. The editorial said Boyda didn't have the relevant experience to be a member of the task force, as much as say Pat Roberts. The editorial also said Boyda should focus on supporting the effort instead of just seeking the limelight.

It's no surprise though, the Boyda campaign salted newspapers all over the district with letters to the editor during the campaign last fall. Look for more mindless Boyda defenses to come.


Anonymous said...

So the aerospace lab, the woodlands, the Dole Center, the Lied Center, the Endowment, the sculpture annex, practice fields, are all contained within two blocks?

Wherever did they find room for the KU Hospital in Parsons?

Nick said...

Boyda is going to have even more problems if she votes to silence American workers and denys them a right to private ballot.

Can somebody explain why she would support this?

Anonymous said...

95% of KU is represented by Dennis Moore, I'd say saying much of KU is represented by Boyda would indeed be inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, sculpture annex and practice fields? those are critical parts of KU.

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