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Monday, February 26, 2007

In Case You Missed It

Will Steve Boyda run for Senate while Nancy runs for re-election?

(KC Star) Steve Kraske commentary: The buzz: The first potential Democratic opponent to Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas surfaced last week, and his last name has a familiar ring: Steve Boyda. That's right. The husband of the current freshman congresswoman, Nancy Boyda, is said to be eyeballing the race. Steve Boyda's response: No comment.

No comment? Word on the street is, Steve would LOVE to run for office. After tasting the good life as Congressman 1a for the Second District, Steve may not be able to pass up the chance to run. Some had thought Gov. Sebelius would take a crack at Roberts with Parkinson firmly in the LG slot, but count me as one who believes that while Sebelius would clearly be the Democrats' best hope, she won't run because it's too much of a risk (particularly of being tapped as a VP candidate if Hillary falters for the Dem nomination).

As for the Steve and Nancy show breaking up to run separate campaigns, only time would tell how that would look.


Anonymous said...

Steve Boyda left his wife for Nancy and he's got some serious issues with some of the cases he handled as a trial lawyer. Not to mention a history as a Democrat activist in Marshall county. Plenty of fodder for opposition researchers.

Anonymous said...

Robert's and his "people" would love for someone like Mr. Boyda to run against Pat. It would be a great way to raise even more money.

Pat is the best campaigner in our delegation. It would be a fun race to watch.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time he had to campaign? Jesus, if he's they best you've got then the future looks grim.

Steve Boyda's certainly not running. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Good, god....reformat your blog.

It's harder to read than your incoherent, baselss rants.

Anonymous said...

I guess the post before mine was a Boyduh supporter. I actually kind of like the format of this blog.
I really don't think Steve Boyduh is going to run. I mean, I know he and Nancy share a fair amount of hubris, but this would be too much for them. Roberts would clean his clock.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above: are you reading the blog, or the rants you referred to? I'm not exactly sure what else you might be reading, aside from the title 'Bounce Boyda,' which is quite distinguishable and easy to transcribe.

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