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Friday, February 23, 2007

Little to Offer

The LJ World calls Boyda a "partisan distraction" for her political appointment by Governor Sebelius to the task force which will try to land the National Bio and Agro-Defense facility.

From the editorial:

"This is no place for the governor, Parkinson or Boyda to try to gain the spotlight. They shouldn’t be in the picture. If they want to host a cocktail party or luncheon, that’s OK, but they shouldn’t be any part of the tours and inspection of sites."


In other news, WIBW reports that Congressman Steve and Nancy Boyda toured the district's VA facilities and found no bad conditions to report . . . is that actually news? Apparently it is, as 49 News, covered it as well. Typical Democrat reaction, there's a problem with a building in Washington, DC, so let's check out the facilities in Kansas and hold a press conference to say, "needs some new curtains." Ironically, Boyda is going to Fort Riley today to look at the hospital. While the General won't say this, he'll be thinking, "yes Mrs. Boyda, our hospital is in good shape, no thanks to you and your cuts in funding for the base."


Anonymous said...

What cuts? Y'all are making stuff up again.

Also, what do you have against Bioscience? Are you anti-job?

Anonymous said...

Kris Koback defended South American apartheid.

Is this website willing to condemn his past actions?

Anonymous said...

C'mon, don't accuse someone of making something up when you clearly don't know the facts. The facts in this case are public record. The Defense bill approved by the last Congress funded BRAC at $5.6 Billion for 2007. Nancy voted with her leadership for a bill that cuts that funding to $2.5 Billion. Those are the facts.

Now, you can sure support both Nancy Boyda and Nancy Pelosi if you want, and Nacy Boyda can claim she was just cleaning up a funding mess left by the Republicans (that is partly true), but none of that is any excuse for supporting massive cuts to funding so critical for our military and the Second District.

She is supposed to represent us, not the Democrat Leadership. She's doing exactly what she adamantly promised us she would not. And that's not made up.

Anonymous said...

What cuts? You cannot be serious. There are things called opinions and then there are things called facts. It is a fact that Boyda's vote on the CR cut BRAC funds.
Nice try on Kris Kobach. You can't even spell his name correctly, you jobless, illiterate leftwing wacko.

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