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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Heat Is On

According to the LJ World, Republican lawmakers are keeping the heat on Nancy Boyda for her vote to cut millions in much needed funding for our military bases in Kansas.

Does anyone else remember the hatchet job the national democrats did on Jim Ryun? They ran an ad saying he voted against a $1500 bonus for our troops (never mind that had he voted for the democrat legislation, it would have cut billions in funding for things like body armor and other soldier safety initiatives in Iraq). Nancy Boyda never once condemned that ad.

So, now that Boyda's being rightly criticized for voting to cut millions from critical support for our troops here at home, she's crying foul, saying this is a personal attack.

Stay Red Kansas suggests Boyda didn't turn down Democrat money to support her next time around, but was never even considered. We have hear (yes this is a rumor) from some reliable sources that Boyda is not winning any popularity contests in DC, but here's our question: why don't Republicans start putting pressure on her to send a letter to the national democrats and other outside groups like move on and labor unions, asking them not to spend ANY money on ads, mail, radio, etc in 2008. My bet, she won't do it.


Anonymous said...

you don't get elected an officer of the class by not being popular

Anonymous said...

spell check your posts jack@$$

It's "Democratic," not "Democrat"

Anonymous said...

actually, you can get elected without being popular. it's called annoying people into voting for you. Boyda is VERY annoying. Think back to high school. There was that annoying smart kid who just ran for an office no one else was running for and you almost didn't vote for them because they were so annoying, and you almost wrote in your pet dog instead . . . that's Nancy Boyda.

Anonymous said...

actually, name caller, "Democrat money" is appropriate. Is not the money from Democrats? If so, then Democrat is not only spelled correctly, but it is completely correct.

If I were a name caller, idiot might come to mind.

Anonymous said...

I think that's a great idea-let's start a campaign calling on Boyda to send out letters to the DNC, DCCC, MoveOn and other PACs saying she doesn't want their money in the 2008 cycle. Make her put it on the line.
But she won't. The woman is a hypocrite. She'll say one thing and behind the scenes she's calling everyone asking them for money here in DC. Heck, the word is she's even hired a $5,000 a month fundraiser to hit up the PACs here in DC because she thinks she needs to raise $1 million in PAC dollars for the 2008 cycle.

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