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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Story, It's Always A-Changin

In 2003, Nancy Boyda protested the war while our troops were fighting.

In 2004, Boyda said she had stopped protesting and that we must fight to win in Iraq.

In 2006, Boyda said she oppossed the war and while she supported the troops, we should establish a timetable to withdraw.

In January 2007, she told Charlie Gibson on ABC News that she would she would have to support our commander-in-chief if he called for an escalation.

Then, last week, she said on the House floor, she could not support the escalation.

OK, no matter where you come down on the War in Iraq and whether or not we should stay, Nancy Boyda has proven that she will change her position on the war, almost at the drop of a hat. It speaks to her character and her complete inability to keep her word.


Anonymous said...

Since someone astutely pointed out the Boyda operative who was posting here, all the pro-Boyda posts have stopped.

Anonymous said...

Or the Boyda operative got fired by Steve and Nancy - one or the other.

Anonymous said...

You guys will like this one:

Anonymous said...

I kind of miss the Boyda gang on this site. With their deep insights and excellent grammer, they were a great addition to the discourse. . . .Should we send them some emails and ask them back?

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