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Friday, March 23, 2007


Others are taking notice of Boyda hypocrisy.


Boyda recently came out in support of the pork-stuffed Iraq supplemental bill. But when she was running against Republican Jim Ryun, she wrote on her campaign Web site: "Congress must never waste a single taxpayer dime on needless spending … Wasteful spending has increased exponentially in recent years.”

The Club statement asks: "Does Nancy Boyda think $75 million for peanut storage is not a waste of taxpayer dollars?”

Nancy made a lot of empty campaign promises to try and make people believe she was an independent. Guess, she's proving to be a "go along, get along" Democrat.


Anonymous said...

There isn't any waste in that bill...Club for Growth would rather see no growth anywhere nationwide than a single federal dollar go to help people.

good job nancy!

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Nancy Boyda and the other Representatives from both sides of the aisle who voted for this, recognize that no district, no state, no party lives in a vacuum. What impacts one, impacts others. Looking at just one state....Georgia growers planted 755,000 acres of peanut in 2005. Total peanut production was 2.152 billion pounds. Georgia producers would lose an average of approximately $9500 each if the storage and handling fees were excluded for the 2007 crop year. The estimated loss for the Georgia peanut industry, without the storage and handling fees, is $43 million for 2007. And as they say, "that ain't peanuts, folks!" I trust as well that readers to this blog are well enough educated and informed to understand the implications here. Are there politics involved? Of course. Is that necessary an awful, terrible, horrible thing if it gets some good things accomplished for people? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true tax and spend Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I'm just sharing the facts. You can decide how to pass your own judgement---and obviously you have. That's fine.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Nancy doesn't have the pull with the democrat leadership to get back the millions for our forts that she allowed them to take out earlier. And, despite her phony press releases, still haven't been restored.
Talk about taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...

...the construction has already begun at the forts! the HAVE the money.


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