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Thursday, March 22, 2007

So Much for Kansas Grassroots

Nancy Boyda has sent out an e-mail to supporters asking them to log on to John Kerry's website and vote for her to have John Kerry send out 3 million e-mails asking for money on Boyda's behalf.

Anyone else remember how Boyda made a big deal of getting most of her money from Kansans? She also said she turned down DCCC money because she wanted to run the same type of "independent" campaign she ran in 2006. Apparently, she considers this Kerry request a loophole, or maybe she's just changed her mind again (much like she's done many, many times on Iraq, immigration, etc).

In the e-mail she is quoted by her finance director Blake Johnson as saying, "I have a big red bull's eye on my back, and I am ready to do what it takes to win again."

"Do what it takes" seems to mean tell Kansans you are going to be independent while running to high profile liberals like John Kerry to help.

I'm anxious to see just how much special interest PAC money Boyda receives the next two years. I'm betting it'll rival what Ryun raised for 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding your final sentence, we can only hope.

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