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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Boyda Bailed Out

It's official, the Pentagon announced it would restore funding for most of the BRAC-related construction projects Nancy Boyda and fellow Democrats cut in January.

According to the AP - via the Wichita Eagle, Boyda is still blaming Republicans for the cuts the Democrats made.

"Boyda maintains that she had nothing to do with the military construction funding not being included in earlier spending bills, saying that was left incomplete by the previous Republican majority in Congress."

If you remember correctly, in January Boyda did not so much as go to the floor of the House of Represenatives and make a statement, nor did she issue a press release decrying the cuts until AFTER Republicans took her to task for it. Then, and only then, did she say anything about it. She started her apology/blame Republicans tour.

Either Boyda didn't take the time to realize the cuts were in the bill (she's on the Armed Services Committee mind you) or she knew they were in there and ignored it. Either way, it doesn't speak well of her after Jim Ryun, Jerry Moran, Pat Roberts, Sam Brownback and Todd Tiahrt worked so hard to get the funding earmarked originally. And, it's this group of Republicans (minus Ryun) who ensured the funding was restored via the Republican Administration, no thanks to the Democrats. Also note, Boyda says she had "nothing to do with" the funding cuts. Yet, she claimed credit for them being restored which we all know she had absolutely nothing to do with. It's typical politician double speak and spin.

What's worse, is this is a trick Democrats are going to play regularly. They will fail to fund priorities that must be funded (like construction projects) to force the administration to make cuts other places and move the funding to the priorities. And Boyda is playing right along.

Boyda campaigned on showing independent leadership in Washington, yet she's marching along with the partisan liberal agenda in lock step. Will the people of the Second District take being lied to?


Anonymous said...

Boyda must think Kansans are stupid. Of course we know liberals in DC and the left coast think Kansans are stupid and Boyda has lined herself up with them, so it kinda makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The only folks who seem to be doing a lot of lying on this blog is YOU!

Anonymous said...

Why DID the Republicans leave the funding unresolved at the end of the 109th?

Were they too corrupt to too enept to get the job done?

Anonymous said...

First of all, if you're going to accuse someone of being inept, spell it correctly. You lost some force in making your case there.

Secondly, it's a perfectly legitimate question to ask why Republicans couldn't get the funding done. Ask the Democrats in the Senate who wouldn't allow any appropriations bills come to the floor. For a quick civics lesson, it takes 60 votes to move a bill to the floor in the Senate, and there were only 55 Republicans. So, not even 5 Democrat senators would act in a bi-partisan fashion to bring the individual appropriations bills to the floor.

That said, it still doesn't change the fact that the Democrats cut critical infrastructure projects for our military and Boyda did nothing about it till she was criticized for it. What the Republicans did or didn't do has absolutely nothing to do with how Boyda marched blindly in lock step fashion with the liberal Democrat majority in cutting funding for the military.

Boyda needs to remember that blaming Republicans doesn't work any more when Democrats are in charge.

As for the lying, what exactly in any of these posts is a lie? I won't hold my breath waiting for a reply on that one.

Honestypol said...

If you guys were as interested in facts as you are in bashing Boyda, you'd know that it was Roberts, Ryun, Moran, and Tiahrt that voted for the first continuing resolution in September 2006 that 'cut' the BRAC funding. They punted the budget bill to the next Congress, who managed to ADD $1 billion to the BRAC amount that the Republicans voted for.... I don't mind that you don't like Boyda -- but I DO mind that you give the real perpetrators of the BRAC cuts a pass. And please, when you reply to this, see if you can do it without using any derogatory labels. Just argue the facts and leave the name-calling to kids on the playground.

Anonymous said...

Voting for a short term continuing resolution is different than voting for a continuing resolution that will finish out the fiscal year without the funding which was in the appropriations bills that passed. The Democrats could have picked up the defense bills that had the funding in them and put them in the CR, but they didn't. They chose to cut it for the remainder of the year and pass the obligation to the administration to come up with the money. Blaming others isn't governing.

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