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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Boyda Contradicts Self

In the Washington Post today, Nancy Boyda reported that commanders in Iraq were "cautiously optimistic" about new efforts to secure Baghdad.

That's not the same picture she painted in today's Cap Journal, where "she had little positive to report."

Once again, Boyda tells different stories in Washington and Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Boyda contradicts Boyda, isn't that kind of like "sky is blue."

Anonymous said...

Nice, solid reporting by the Cap Journal. . . .Has anyone else noticed how they take everything Boyda says at face value? It's like the "reporters" over there think they're also her press secretaries.

Anonymous said...

maybe, and this is just a guess, but maybe the difference in her statements has something to do with the fact that the WaPo articles refers to the sentiment of the Commanders, the latter her own.

Gee, people have different opinions. Shocker!

Anonymous said...

The problem with Boyda is that she has different opinions on the same day. Most of us, when we haven't arrived at or formed an opinion on something, keep it to ourselves rather than sound contradictory.

Anonymous said...

Check her out in the Washington Post today. Sure, Congressmen and women have doubts, some are even confused on issues-but rarely do you find one so stupid as to talk about her confusion to the media. Keep talking, Nancy!!

Anonymous said...

If you'll recall, Tom Daschle got away with telling one story in South Dakota and another story in DC, because he had the major SD newspaper covering for him. Bloggers started exposing this and the rest is history.
So glad that we have a counter balance to that pathetic, obsequious Cap Journal.
Please keep up the 'bouncing'.

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