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Friday, March 9, 2007

Did I Say That Out Loud?

Nancy Boyda keeps changing her mind.

First, Nancy Boyda told Kansas newspapers there was nothing positive to report.

Then Nancy Boyda told the Washington Post that generals on the ground were cautiously optimistic.

Then according to the Washington Post, Boyda apparently admits she has no idea what to do.

Yet as the House nears a legislative showdown on the war, Boyda finds herself wracked with doubts. She is convinced that Congress must intervene to stop the war, but is fearful of the chaos that a quick U.S. pullout could prompt. "Congress has an obligation to do something," Boyda said. But she is unsure what to do, worried about anything that "affects commanders on the ground."

Nancy, you don't look thoughtful, you look confused. You ran for Congress in 2006 saying get our troops out. You ran for Congress in 2004 saying we must give our troops all the resources they need to win. In 2007, you've said you would support President Bush's surge, then you voted against it. And in 2007, you voted to cut much needed funding for our troops.

Now this . . . ?


Anonymous said...

Get out your paper bag to wear over your head when asked who your Congressman is.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she should just stop talking and start thinking, for a change. What a ditz!

Anonymous said...

No, please, don't let her stop talking. I have renewed interest in actually reading the paper in the morning to see if Boyduh has said anything new. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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