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Monday, March 12, 2007

Boyda Breaking Promises (Again)

OK, it's March 12th. Nancy Boyda has gone on and on about constituent services. Let's examine.

Beyond a newspaper article claiming she was serving constituents, there's not much evidence. I don't know about you, but I hear Boyda isn't responding to constituent inquiries in anywhere near a timely fashion yet - a real let down if this is her number one priority. Could be the staffing issues we've been hearing about.

That's pretty much a hearsay reason. Let's look at a piece of hard evidence.

Nancy Boyda still has the cookie cutter website the House of Representatives automatically provides to new members of congress.

Here's a constituent letter Nancy can answer:

Dear Nancy,

I went to your official website the other day. I tried to look around for your positions on the ongoing issues of the day. Not there. I tried to find your press releases and other newsworthy items. Not there either. There is a nice picture of your office building in Washington, DC though.

A truly constituent services-friendly member of congress would have a good website up by now. It has been 4 months since you were elected. I set up a website for my small business in about 2 days and it cost me about $150 (including hosting for the year). You have a bigger budget than I do, a bigger staff, and your share of opinions (though they change often, so you may want to keep someone on staff to update the site constantly) so I'm not sure what your excuse is exactly. But, I'm sure you'll come up with one.

An Un-Served Constituent


Anonymous said...

Say what you will about Jim Ryun, but in my experience, he always responded...even when he disagreed.

Anonymous said...

there's a whole wide world outside the internet. You know that right?

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome to the 21st century-it's called the Internet Age for a reason, dumbass. Evidently you found it, which is saying a whole lot given your posted comment.

Anonymous said...

nancy boyda used her campaign site and e-mail to reach supporters. she was on you tube and my space. she obviously thought the Internet's important to people when she's running for office, but she's downgraded the importance of being accessible to people now that she's in office.

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't quite understand why you're having such issues. I sent an email to Boyda last Friday via her website (following the "contact me by email" prompts), and a reply was in my mailbox today. Not a canned one, either, but one that addressed the concern I'd had. I did make one trip to her downtown office last month with a question and request for clarification. The district guy I talked with was courteous and while he didn't have an answer to the question I had, he said he'd check with Nancy and get back to me the next day. And he did. In a nutshell, I guess my two experiences have been good ones...she or her staff have been accessible when I had concerns, and they addressed those issues in a timely manner.

KU Blue said...

maybe she's got better things to do than sweat the aesthetics of a website.

Petty aesthetic criticisms aside, the thing functions.

What's next from BB? Superficial commentary on the color of her clothes?

Anonymous said...

funny a blogger from the 3rd district would take such interest in boyda's constituency service page unless he was looking for something to criticize.

Is this blog the first on many out of district attempts to thwart the will of 2nd District voters?

Anonymous said...

hehe...ffukgem is the word verification image.

I couldn't agree more. "FFuk him"

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the original post was addressing Boyda's emphasis on constituent services during the campaign. Evidently, she's having a little trouble because she is understaffed. Friends in DC are telling me she's short handed and those she has hired have zero Hill experience. That's not really a good combination for Boyda.
On a another note, my word verification is "fkbyda." Do you think there is something to it?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, the original post points out that Boyda isn't making her positions readily available to constituents online. Not exactly a constituent services friendly office as Boyda promised.

Good to know the Boyda lovers are here to try ridiculous red herrings to defend her.

My word verification says, krybbys. What a perfect description of liberals.

Anonymous said...

well...fkyall ;)

Anonymous said...

As a relatively unbiased reader to this blog, as well as numerous others, I'm sorry to see the animosity rear its head so senselessly----on both sides. It makes for amateur writing without any semblance of credibility. Stick with facts; remember your high school debate premises; and stop the sophomoric name calling and crude references. I initially read this blog because I wanted to learn from intelligent and open discussions.....obviously, I'll need to go elsewhere to find that.

Joe said...

Nancy finally started to update her campaign website. Unfortunately her issues section, which should not have changed now that she has been elected has been taken down.

One of her big issues was Renewable energy. She said she would work hard to bring more Wind, solar, and biofuels to KS.

The funny thing is she hasn't even cosponsored the bills that would extend the current tax credits to bring more renewables to KS. HR 550 would extend the solar tax credits and HR 197 would extend wind tax credits. Even Dennis Moore thinks the extension of 2 popular Republican bills makes sense.

It seems like Nancy likes to talk about doing a lot of things for KS, but doesnt really intend on following through.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of her myspace schtick: check out "Collage for Everyone!"

Anonymous said...

I know of one person who called Boyda's office to find out how she voted on the union bill to eliminate secret ballots. The person who answered the phone refused to answer how she voted and told my friend that the main office in D.C. would send a letter. Is this how it normally works?

Anonymous said...

Never mind, I know that's not how it works because I've called Sam Brownback's office to find out how he voted on bills, and the woman in the office has always told me.

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