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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

People are Seeing Through Boyda

Just catching up with a good example of a letter to the editor. Hope you'll find plenty on this blog to help you write your own.

From the Cap Journal - Let the letter writing continue

Hurting the troops

Nancy Boyda says she has Kansas' best interest at heart and will work to protect our interests. She lobbied for a position on the House Armed Services Committee to do just that, and what was one of her first votes? To cut $450 million earmarked for Kansas military installations, $300 million of which was headed to Fort Riley to handle the housing shortages and improvements for our troops.

In a television interview, she said she would fund the troops and support the commander in chief and Joint Chiefs. Maybe someone ought to bring her up to speed with what the new mission at Fort Riley is. It's to train people to train soldiers in foreign lands on how to defend their country. This new mission at Fort Riley is critically important to the fight against terrorism and Boyda just voted to undermine it after she said she wouldn't.

She's been in office for about a month and I've already, to quote her campaign slogan, "had enough." Cutting funds to Fort Riley is bad enough but to do this to our soldiers during wartime is incomprehensible. I hope all those "RINOs" who voted the opposite ticket are satisfied.

In trying to buffalo us into thinking it's no big deal she tries to tell us that the $300 million will still go the Department of Defense and find its way back here. Ha! A government employee telling us that we will see our money again once we give it to them. Nice job, Nancy, way to support our troops. We won't forget.



Anonymous said...

I don't know you Rick, but you were so right.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that in a House Armed Services Committee hearing she was really rude and infantile to the Army Chief of Staff. She's such a pipsqueak. I'm beginning to take seriously the story that she thinks Roberts and Tiahrt shouldn't pick on her.

Anonymous said...

She is infantile and she did treat the Army Chief of Staff with disrespect. I am so glad this site is up. What were people in KS thinking by electing her?! She is not representing them well at all.

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