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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Nancy Boyda has "updated" her campaign website.

It contains a "thank you" message and nothing else.

I'm glad to see she has FINALLY taken down her hatchet job, cheap shots at Jim Ryun 4+ months after the election, but it was the only place you could read a single position (as much as they changed throughout the election) she was taking because her official website has none. Now, she has provided constituents with zero insight as to where she stands or why she's voted one way or another.

Boyda is still failing to provide the "top notch" constituent services she promised.


Bob said...

She will be attending a PAC fundraiser with Dennis Moore tonight. He's PAC man maybe he can help her become Ms. PAC man.

Anonymous said...

Are you afraid of telephones. Call her office if you need something.

There's a big world outside of the internet. Don't be afraid

Anonymous said...

It's called being accountable for your actions and what you say you're going to do/be. Boyda doesn't want to be accountable.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

do you have an email address so i can send tips?

Anonymous said...

send tips to

bounce2008 said...

I've now listed an e-mail address for tips on the main page.

Anonymous said...

To the second poster, as I've written before, I know of one case where someone I know called Boyda's office to find out how she voted on a bill, and the person in the office refused to tell. Calling doesn't work either.

Anonymous said...

Senator Schmidt, shouldn't you be doing work for your district and not checking out blogs?

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