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Friday, March 30, 2007

Quarter in Review?

Usually, I like to save my posts for taking on Nancy Boyda directly. For this post, I also want to take on Josh Rosenau, Nancy Boyda's unabashed liberal blogging supporter. Today, he tried to drum up financial support for Boyda.

First, he said today was the last day of the reporting period. It's actually tomorrow, but Josh has never been one to make sure he has all the facts.

Second, he said Boyda is working hard to represent her constituents. I don't know about you, but voting for the largest tax increase in history is not what a majority of the people of the Second District would have wanted her to do. Nor was cutting funding for our military bases (yes they are still $40+ million short). Nor was taking away the right to a secret ballot for workers.

Third, he said Boyda is a little conservative for some people's tastes. This proves Josh is delusional. Boyda has voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time. She's taken the liberal position on the war, paid off the unions for their campaign contributions, and is voting to raise taxes and spending.

Nancy Boyda is a tax and spend liberal who will say and do whatever it takes to get elected without any regard for truth or consistency. To combat Josh and the liberal blogosphere, write a letter to the editor today with your own critique of Boyda's first three months in office and how it shows Boyda is working hard to represent the liberal interests of San Francisco, not Kansas.

Boyda's supporters aren't afraid to say all kinds of nonsense to try and bolster her image, it's time for us to promote the truth.


Christensensen Clones said...

Josh Roseanau is a MASTER of spin.

I don't care WHAT he says that is not true...if he is caught in a lie he will say that is not what he REALLY meant and the fact that YOU bring it up proves YOU are the liar!!!

This guy can twist words like no one I have ever met.

Anonymous said...

I've commented on Josh's site before. If you point out a factual inaccuracy, he says it's either a typo OR he ignores what you said altogether and points to something he said which is more important and in his mind makes you a moron.

He's afflicted with the "I'm a liberal, so therefore, I must be smarter than you" syndrome.

Richard said...

You cant spell 'dillusional' and you attack Josh for being off by a day? Get a grip!

Anonymous said...

I think the larger point is that Josh thinks he's the smartest person in Lawrence, if not all of Kansas. And I think that this post was also pointing out that Josh is delusional because he thinks Boyda's voting record is a little conservative.

Kansas Gang of Four said...

Rosenau is obviously working so hard for Boyda to get either a recommendation from a Congressperson for a job or an outright job offer.

He has said that he was going on job interviews, but apparently they have not panned out because he would be bragging about it.

Say, hasn't he been a "grad student" for quite a while?

Just wondering.

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