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Monday, March 26, 2007

Quarter-Mile Wide Hole in an Agenda?

It's March 25th. Have you heard anything more about the so-called "SuperCorridor" since Nancy was sworn into Congress? Remember Boyda's words (repeated over and over and over).

"This SuperCorridor will blow a quarter-mile hole in our border with Mexico. It will be virtually impossible to control the flow of people, drugs, even weapons.

At the very least, the Second District deserves to hold an informed, public debate on the SuperCorridor's construction. I pledge to work for this openness and accountability as your representative in Congress."

It was obviously her number one immigration-related issue last year. Some would say it was her number one issue overall last fall.

Another campaign promise unfulfilled? Does Boyda no longer care about a quarter-mile wide drugs/weapons/illegals hole in our border? Or maybe she finally came to the realization (via Governor Sebelius' transportation department who always maintained there was no SuperCorridor plan) that there was no super top secret plan to plow a 16 lane superhighway through the fields of Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Pretty hard up for topics today, eh? That's okay. I'm sure you'll have a thunderbolt of inspiration tomorrow. Enjoy your evening.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a legitimate question. This was all boyda talked about in the press. She's kind of crazy though.

Anonymous said...

no kidding. what half-baked, boring, and not at all shattering revelation will Bounce Boyda bestow upon us tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Well, let's face it, even Nancy can't do something stupid every day.

Anonymous said...

Actually, didn't Boyduh talk about this all the time on the campaign trail in 2006? Are we simply suppossed to ignore it now that her vaunted Super Highway is not a reality? Kind of makes me wonder what she's going to run on in 2008. Her war votes? Her vote for the union bosses?

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