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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Photo Op

Yesterday, Nancy Boyda paraded through Fort Riley with Ike Skelton, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. (Jim Ryun had brought the previous three Chairmen of the Committee with him to the post.)

The Cap Journal story said Boyda "bristled" when asked whether this tour was to cover up her votes against our troops on Friday and against Fort Riley. Of course she bristled. Nancy Boyda has proven she is not one to take criticism well. Boyda went on to explain that this tour is about the training of transition teams, not politics.

Newsflash Mrs. Boyda: If you truly meant for the tour to be about highlighting the training for the Chairman and your colleagues and not the politics, you wouldn't have sent out a press release inviting all the reporters for the free photo op in the newspaper.

It is true that drawing attention to our fine Army post at Fort Riley is a good thing. It's Boyda's job to do so. Boyda and Skelton rightly called the training of the transition teams, which are helping Iraqis do a better job of controlling their own country, a success.

Here's what I don't understand about it though. Skelton said the teams were working, but suggested it was too late. Sure, maybe we should have started them earlier, but since when is it ever too late to do something that will work? The answer is, it isn't too late. But the Democrats have to spin their cutting and running timetable to withdraw. They have to appeal to the middle of the road Americans who in poll after poll want our troops home as soon as possible, but want to do everything possible to win first. So, Skelton and Boyda have to say that while things like the surge and the transition teams are meeting with success, it's still impossible for us to win.

How can they say that on a military base? Here's what they're saying. "Thanks for having us here today soldiers. I know you're training hard for your mission in Iraq. We're here to let you know that no matter how hard you train and how well you fight and work when you're in Iraq, you may win some battles, but you will lose the war."

Great message. Imagine how many games a basketball coach would win if that was his pregame speech.

Unfortunately, the fact is that Boyda and Skelton (though to a much lesser degree Skelton and more because he likes being Chairman and doesn't want Nancy Pelosi to demote him) are pledging their allegiance to the radical liberal elements in this country like the radical left-wing extreme group ANSWER which Nancy Boyda marched on Washington with in 2003. If the Nancys (Boyda and Pelosi) don't start repaying their campaign debts (just look back at the vote to pay off the unions by allowing them to deny the secret ballot to workers) then their energized base which helped carry them to victory in 2006 will stay home or go Green in 2008.

This is politics Nancy, and you are clearly playing the game.

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