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Monday, April 2, 2007


I've been over and over Nancy Boyda's ever changing opinion on the Iraq War. It went something like this, protested it, for winning it, against it, timetable to withdraw, wait for the Baker Commission report, fund the surge, against the surge, back to a timetable to withdraw.

Let's be honest, nothing has really changed for Boyda. She protested this war and she is a protestor now. All that changed in between were her sticking her finger up into the political wind to see which way it was blowing.

This weekend, she was reported by the Joplin Globe as saying, “We don’t have the troops, and we don’t have the equipment,” she said. “We don’t have the option of staying the course. We’ve got to stop making decisions based on where we wish we were. We’re not there, and we need to be able to make decisions based on reality.”

OK, let's recap. The Rumsfeld strategy was to provide medium-strength security and hope the Iraqis would pull themeselves up by their own bootraps soon and put an effective government and security forces in place. The reality, Ms. Boyda is that we have a new strategy now. Rumsfeld was fired. We are using the surge in troops to clear out places like Sadr City (with a great deal of success) and then hold them rather than leaving and letting the insurgents come back. We have captured and killed thousands of insurgents and some reports have said al-Sadr has fled the country. Many reports are that Al Qaeda is now directing many of the suicide attacks in Baghdad. And, last time I checked one of the Democrat talking points is that they were still committed to fighting Al Qaeda who had attacked the U.S.

I don't know if the surge will ultimately be successful. However, I do know it is meeting with success. And if this success makes it easier to give Iraqis control of their country, then don't you think setting arbitrary deadlines is wrongheaded?

From the same article, Here She Goes Again.

Dateline: Every Campaign Stop Boyda Made Last Year
Subject: Health Care

Boyda's pat answer to questions about health care was that Congress had 18-24 months to fix the health care problem.

When asked about health care at the same forum in Pittsburg, this is what she said:

“I have been looking and hoping that somebody will take a leadership role, but I haven’t seen it yet,” she said. “If I take that leadership role, then it becomes political.”

Are you kidding me Nancy? You promised you would get to work in Congress on this issue in the next 18-24 months. You said you supported a nationalized health care system/policy. In one of your so-called "voter guides" you called yourself a "Health Care Expert."

I hope whoever her opponent is next November is taking good notes because it takes some real audacity to think you can get away with all this double talk, spin and failure to keep campaign promises.


Anonymous said...

“I have been looking and hoping that somebody will take a leadership role, but I haven’t seen it yet,” she said. If I take that leadership role, then it becomes political.”

What in the world does this mean?! I am amazed at her sheer ineptness-you're a Congresswoman, Nancy. It's your job to be political!

Anonymous said...

She really is a lot of fun to watch...still thinks that representing is the same as campaigning.
Reality is still not in her domain.
Heard that she was furious that she couldn't order new furniture for all of the district offices. She'd assumed that would be one of her many perks. Wrong.

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