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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Boyda's Numbers

According to this AP story in the Joplin Globe, Nancy Boyda will report $137,000 raised and $171,300 in the bank. She had $34,500 left over from last cycle, so I think Boyda' Chief of Staff should look again, because this would mean she didn't spend any money. And, since Boyda has at least two people on her campaign staff she either loaned herself some more money, the amount raised is higher, or her cash on hand will be lower.

“The congresswoman is really focused on serving the needs of the residents of the 2nd District and she’s been really focused on her congressional duties,” Guinn said. “She thinks it’s way too early to be talking about a campaign in 2008.”

We know this line from Boyda's Chief of Staff Guinn to be nothing more than spin as one of the two people on her campaign is a finance director who sent around the missives on the Kerry March Madness contest Boyda entered.

Another interesting quote from the article is a shot taken at Ryun by the Jenkins camp already. Their strategy seems to be to continue to paint Jim Ryun as a Washington insider as Boyda did.

“We’re very curious to see what percent of his donations came from Kansas,” Jenkins spokesman Jeff Wagaman said. “It’s our understanding he’s been raising money in Washington quite a bit.”

I guess that's what you say when you're already a quarter of a million dollars behind in the fundraising race, but as I've said, the real test of how competitive this primary will be is going to come after the next quarter when the Jenkins team can show their strength.

Bottom line, the fact that Ryun outraised a sitting Member of Congress who is known to be vulnerable is a good sign for him, regardless of where it came from, as Boyda is certainly drawing PAC money from DC.

Once I see the actual reports, I'll run down what's in them.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Boyda can't add either.

Anonymous said...

sounds like this blog has no use for Lynn Jenkins. ryun LOST...don't be a rubber fair and balanced and treat lynn EXACTLY as well as you treat jim or you do no good at all

Anonymous said...

Let's reserve that judgment for whether or not this blog has any use for Jenkins until after Lynn actually is doing anything and see how it treats her.

Anonymous said...

Lynn Jenkins is a classy woman and would make a fine federal representative. However I just feel that Jim Ryun is the better selection. Having said that, either would be a giant leap forward from Nancy Boyda.

Anonymous said...

I noticed in today's cap journal story, Wagamon backed off and said something nice about Jim Ryun before slamming him. The Ryun camp has said nothing bad about Jenkins.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect too much of that from Wagamon or the Jenkins' camp. Having worked with and around them, they'll smile to your face and stick you in the back when you're not looking. She won't get away with that in a big time race like this.

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