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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Nancy Boyda has been talking the past couple weeks about how our troops and their equipment are stretched thin. Yet, she and her party are holding up the funds they need.

According to Army Times, the Joint Chiefs have sent Congressional leaders (i.e. the Democrats in control) a letter asking them to pass the supplemental funding bill expeditiously.

What will happen according to the article/letter if it is not passed:

Failure to quickly pass the supplemental, the four service chiefs wrote, will force them to take “increasingly disruptive measures” in order to sustain combat readiness, and will have a “profound” impact on readiness and quality of life. It will force spending restrictions that will require the reprogramming of billions of dollars — a “short-term, cost-inefficient solution that wastes our limited resources.”

Spending restrictions will, in turn, “delay and disrupt our follow-on forces as they prepare for war, possibly compromising future readiness and strategic agility,” the chiefs wrote. They added that the restrictions “increase the burden on service members and their families during this time of war.”

If the supplemental is not passed by April 15, Gates said, the Army, which has the majority of the forces in Iraq, could have to curtail and suspend home-station training for National Guard units, slow the training of units headed to the wars, stop paying for facilities upgrades at home bases, and stop repairing gear needed for pre-deployment training.

If May 15 came and went without passage, Gates said, even more devastating cuts could result, including a slowdown in depot repair work, slowing brigade combat team training, which would force the extension of units in theater, and implementing a civilian hiring freeze, among other moves.

So, under the Boyda-Pelosi plan, starting Sunday, no training for Guard units, no facilities upgrades at home bases, no repair for the equipment needed for training. If the Democrats wait till May 15 to send the President a funding bill, slower active duty training, forcing units already in Iraq to stay longer, slowdown in more equipment repair work.

The Nancys will disrupt our troops and increase the burdens on their families. So, next time you hear Nancy Boyda bemoaning the condition of our troop strength, you'll know she's a part of the problem, not the solution.

But don't just take my word for it, check out the Pittsburg Morning Sun opinion.

We know she had to do it, but it still makes us scratch our heads . . . Gov. Kathleen Sebelius appointed Congresswoman Nancy Boyda to the Governor's Military Council.

We understand that all of the state's members of congress are on the council, however the fact that Boyda, who has been criticized for important military funding votes, would have a position on the council causes concern.

Earlier this year, Boyda voted to hold some military spending until conditions are meet. Those conditions include a withdraw date.

While we agree the Bush administration should be looking at an exit strategy, but holding funding hostage is not fair to our military. Much of this money, some of which has since been released, included funding for BRAC projects at both Fort Riley and Fort Leavenworth.

With the Big Red 1 bringing back more than 18,500 over the next several years it is imperative that Fort Riley see the construction money.

We believe that Boyda's vote on this issue was a vote against Kansas' two military bases. We do not believe that a person who votes against her home bases should have a position on the
Governor's Military Council, but we understand its standard practice.

We hope that when acting on the council and when casting her next military funding vote, that Boyda will think about the repercussions back home in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

They did pass it. Supplemental funding passed 218-212.

Tiahrt was with the 200+ R's that voted against the funding.

Anonymous said...

The Supplemental was passed with millions and millions of pork dollars added and included a timeline for the troops to be removed. That is why Tiarhrt and others voted against it.

Anonymous said...

It hasn't been sent to the President yet . . . so they haven't gotten the job done yet.

Anonymous said...

No matter how the supplemental plays out, Kansas bases have lost $40,000,000 thanks to Boyda ineptitude. Not that she'd try to obscure this fact.

Anonymous said...

Is there a link or news article on the $40 million figure? My neighbor won't believe anything unless he can read it for himself.

Anonymous said...

bases haven't lost anything because of boyda...sorry to let you know...they've received more money than they had.

oh, oh're saying they didn't get $40 mil that they would have gotten...what? if the Republicans had passed a budget in 2006? Hmm...or did Nancy actually go to the bases and take money from them?

Anonymous said...

All the Democrats had to do was pick up the Republican bill and pass it and boom, Kansas has over $40 million more in military construction projects.

Anonymous said...

"All the Democrats had to do was pick up the Republican bill and pass it and boom, Kansas has over $40 million more in military construction projects."

Except, you jackasses, Kansans voted the Republican out because they wanted a Democratic bill.

Elections have consequences.

Anonymous said...

Yep, and the consequences were, Kansas military bases lost over $40 million in construction money. Congratulations voters.

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