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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


According to the Cap Journal, Jim Ryun has confirmed he raised approximately $160,000 in the two months since Kansas Days and added $115,000 he had left over from 2006 to bring $275,000 to the first quarter of 2008 with $255,000 cash on hand.

"The support our campaign has received from the people of Kansas has been tremendous," Ryun said.

The Second Quarter fundraising will determine if Jenkins can make a run at Ryun or not.


Anonymous said...

My contact in the Ryun camp is saying that they only carried over $98k from the 06 campaign, which means they raised $179k from Feb 3rd to March 30th. I don't know how that adds up to other campaigns or even past Ryun campaigns, but that has to be solid for a 1st quarter.

Anonymous said...

Ryun was criticized during the last election because a sizable amount of his war chest was from PAC's and other east coast donors, not Kansans. It will be interesting to see where his contributors are from.

Anonymous said...

Ryun's year end report said he had $115K. Now, if he spent $17K in January before the transfer, that may work under the rules . . .not sure of the FEC technicalities. If so, it may be that they raised around $180K, which is even better.

Anonymous said...

Ryun's fundraising needs to show a lot of Kansans.

Anonymous said...

Ryun would be smart to list every single contributor in his actual report, or provide a breakdown with the small dollar donors to show he has broad based support, true. But, whoever the nominee is going to have to raise a lot of money outside of Kansas as well to win this seat.

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