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Friday, April 13, 2007

FEC Reports

Nancy Boyda's Chief of Staff can indeed not add.

Boyda raised about $137,000, $140,000 total income. However, despite what she told the newspapers, she only is reporting $152,078 cash on hand, a full $19,000 less than they said on the record to the reporters. Is it an honest mistake or did Boyda's Chief of Staff make up a little white lie to make the numbers sound better to the press?

Anyway, Boyda has no major expenditures of note. She still owes herself over $286,000. And, the salary for her finance director (the one who's been sending around her campaign missives) is missing. Either he's working for free or he's on her official office payroll or did she just not report the salary for this quarter? Where is Blake Johnson's salary?

Boyda raised $95,000 from individuals (roughly 75% from Kansas), only $21,500 from small dollar contributors, and $42,375 from PACs.

Ryun raised $171,500 and spent about $32,000 between the two campaign committees. He transferred $101,232 from his old account (to give him the $273,441 total income), received $99,494 from individuals (half of it came from donors who gave less than $200 - an impressive showing from small donors), and he raised $72,000 from PACs (most from former colleagues and their leadership committees).

Ryun's itemized contributions came from all over the country, but a majority of them were from Kansas. Typically, small donor contributions would break about 80/20 in-state versus out of state, so an educated guess puts Ryun's individual contributions as about two-thirds from Kansas.

That's the raw data. Look forward to the next quarter when I'll have three reports to break down.


Anonymous said...

Good to see most of his contributions are from Kansas, since Col. Wagaman was questioning that.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the Ryun report approximately $17,000 is itemized from 2nd district individuals. (The unitemized is probably fashioned after the Kline model - pass the hat at out of state prayer meetings he speaks at) Ryun says he raised almost $275,000 this quarter. Let's see, that would be 6% from 2nd distict voters. He's dead meat!

Anonymous said...

Who cares where the candidates money came from? Let's face it - the most money spent in the race will be spent by the NRCC when they make IE's for Ryun or Jenkins. THey will spend about 1 Million for either candidate. That money will come from "DC Insiders" And Ryun and Jenkins will spend much of their campaign kissing up to that group. Just like Nancy will be begging John Kerry and the DCCC for campaign money.

This stupid argument over whose money came from where should end immediately. Nobody should care. Ryun and Jenkins need to raise as much money as possible so they can beat Boyda.

For the record - I am undecided in the race between Ryun/Jenkins.

Anonymous said...

It IS important that Ryun show a lot of individual contributors from Kansas. He has been beaten up as a DC insider and NEEDS to show strength from within Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Agree it is important, for two reasons. When Ryun says most of his contributions came from KS he needs to make sure it's true. His integrity was really brought into question the last campaign. The media is going to pounce on every mistake he makes. Saying most of your money came from KS, when it actually didn't is only going to help Boyda. The other reason is that the DC money Ryun got is about all he is going to get. The NRCC will stay out of the primary, Club for Growth says they are going to back Ryun, but my prediction is they pull out at the last minute and wait for the general. I don't see anybody sinking 1 million in a primary, just to take a chance on losing it in the general to Boyda. "Col" Wagamon should be promoted to general because he made the call just right on this one.

Anonymous said...

Club for Growth got into about 5 primaries last cycle. If they say they are coming in, there's a good chance they will and then let the NRCC take care of the general I.E. money.

Ryun would take some good advice to do a press release with the percentage of small dollar donors from Kansas.

Either way, the 6% figure is dead wrong. $101,000 came from a transfer from his other campaign. Plus, we don't know how much of the small dollar donors are from the Second District.

Finally, I agree with whoever says, we should raise as much money as possible from whoever will give it to us to knock out Boyda.

Boyda will raise plenty of money outside of Kansas and the Second District this time after she said she was going to run her own independent grassroots campaign. She won't have any high ground on this issue.

Oh, and I too wonder how Boyda is paying her finance director?

Anonymous said...

Ryun only raised $25,475 from individual Kansans according to his report.

The rest of his money came from out of state or special interests.

What a joke! He thinks he can win? Ryun, your Kansas funding - like your popularity stink. Save our Party and state and go away.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, Ryun needs to get a lot more KS donors. I would think he and his camp know this, but I guess we won't know until the 2nd and 3rd quarters if they realize this. I am guessing he went after the easier money in the 1st quarter to give his KS donor base a rest. I think for Jenkins to get some traction, she will need to beat Ryun among KS donors, not necessarily in money raised, but in the number of actual KS donors and actual 2nd District donors. That would be a great statement for her. And she needs to raise at least $250,000 this quarter. If she fails in either of those, I have to wonder how real her chances are.

Anonymous said...

Those are just the itemized contributions. The people who gave below $200 aren't listed. Please know what you're talking about before extrapolating numbers and treating them as facts. Ryun would have been smart politically to list those donors, but it's safe to assume that an overwhelming majority of those donations are from Kansas.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the press release from Ryun and his camp. He did not say the majority of his donations came from KS-he just said that donations from KS were indicative of strong grassroots support.
And I will bet Ryun gets a lot more KS donors in the 2nd quarter. The last poster had it right-Jenkins needs to beat Ryun in both money and KS donors in this quarter. If she doesn't, she doesn't have a chance. This is probably going to be the best quarter for her anyway-unless she starts raising money outside of KS. Which she'll probably have to. To have a chance of winning this primary, can she raise $500,00+ from the 2nd District or KS?

Anonymous said...

Pure ignorace by the Jenkins and Boyda camps to not know $200 and under contributions don't have to be listed. Ryun should list them, though.

Anonymous said...

Ryun was tainted by the election defeat to Boyda. He must project strength from within the 2nd district financially and must show the willingness to mingle with the common voters of the district, not just those that will show up on a campaign finance report. Those are the people he LOST in the last election.

Anonymous said...

A lot of what Ryun had was an air of invincibility. That is definitely gone now. He will have to work doubly hard to beat Jenkins and Boyda if he survives the primary.

Anonymous said...

Jenkins and Ryun both have a lot of work to do this quarter. Ryun needs to continue forward momentum. I think he needs to raise enough to get to $400,000 cash on hand (probably around $200K raised).

Jenkins needs to raise at least $150K to stay in the hunt.

Anonymous said...

Jenkins has a psychological advantage in the minds of many. She is a fresh face, one that hasn't tasted defeat. Ryun must raise more money than her and also be tremendously more active in the district than her.

Anonymous said...

"but it's safe to assume that an overwhelming majority of those donations are from Kansas."

When you raise 80% of your money out of state, you cannot assume (ass - u - me) that unitemized donors are from Kansas.

Make them public.

Anonymous said...

Agreed....make them public!

Anonymous said...

Warranted or not, after the last election Ryun has to rehabilitate his reputation to a certain degree. He needs to go above and beyond the call of duty in revealing anything and everything that would be relevant to a potential voter. Boyda and certain segments of the media were able to successfully paint him in a negative light and it paid dividends in the general election.

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