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Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Headline

The Cap Journal ran this puffy piece on Boyda.

It gave her credit for introducing a bill to punish Members of Congress who had ethics problems. While true on its face, it’s also true that Democrat leadership gave her this bill to introduce. And, if you’re not convinced, check out the Congressional Record for the floor debate where the Democrat leaders had negotiated changes in the bill without informing her and she didn’t know what was in it. What's worse, the Democrats didn't allow any amendments to the bill, so it's MUCH weaker than it could be. I guess Nancy decided to leave these extra details out of her interview and we all know the crack staff at the Cap Journal wouldn't do any independent research and write about it.

Boyda also admitted the Democrats (with her support) shorted Kansas military installations by about $50 million. But, she cried foul for being called on the carpet for it.

Finally, Boyda was chided for driving her famous metallic blue SUV by a soybean farmer.

Anyway, Nancy should be on her way back to Washington where hopefully the Democrats will finally get a funding bill to the President so our troops won’t have to cut back on equipment and training.

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