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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Follow Up

Well, on Monday night, Florida won the National Championship. Now, it's time follow up on John Kerry's version of March Madness (thanks to the reader who reminded me to follow up on this). Apparently, Nancy Boyda was one of two House Members to win the competition. By winning, John Kerry will send out an e-mail to 3 million people and ask them to contribute to Boyda - at least 99% of those people live outside of Kansas.

Boyda's office said she was turning down national democrat help because the people of the second district expected her to run an independent, grassroots campaign. Apparently she was lying?

So, I am calling on all of you to write, call or e-mail Nancy Boyda and ask her to be a person of her word and return all the contributions she receives from Kerry's missive. Send a letter to the editor to your local newspaper as well, and point out that Boyda has only taken three months to go back on her word in office.

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