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Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Problem in Search of a Leader

Nancy Boyda is already tired of talking about health care according to the Parsons Sun.
She said the different lobbying groups for physicians, hospitals, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals have been approaching her, and other lawmakers, separately, and she's tired of it.

In the campaign, Boyda said Congress needed to take action in the next 18-24 months. But, this article is full of Boyda begging off the problem and not offering any ideas (despite proclaiming herself a "Health Care Expert" in her campaign voter guides).
Boyda also said she would prefer that the hospitals and
doctor take the initiative to implement a solution outside of the political

I thought Nancy got into politics to be a problem solver, an independent leader?

The article ended with this quote:
"If there's a way to work with congresswoman Boyda - if
she wants a leader - I'm willing to step up and be that leader at Labette
Health," Mahoney said.

No Mr. Mahoney, Nancy Boyda does not want to be a leader.


Anonymous said...

we've got it on good word that this site is run by jeff black

Anonymous said...

Who is Jeff Black?

Anonymous said...

Never mind, I found out who Jeff Black is. He was Ryun's last campaign manager but Ryun canned him. Don't think he's interested in aiding the Ryun cause.

Anonymous said...

Was the good word from Ryan Wright from KTRM?

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I have a friend at a reasonably small newspaper. During the campaign my friend repeatedly called Jeffrey Black for comments/clarification. This guy would not return calls in a timely fashion and when he did, he was so smug and arrogant. His attitude alone cost Ryun many, many votes.

Anonymous said...

These quotes are appalling. So she's ignorant AND whiney. Maybe she'll fall back on "I'm just a girl!!!". Too late for that with Lynn in the race.

Anonymous said...

how exactly did Jeff Black rise to such a position in the campaign?

Word is, he's already committed to Jenkins.

Anonymous said...

Shoot....there goes the Jenkins campaign up in smoke!

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