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Sunday, April 8, 2007

If Only I Knew What to Wear

First, let me say sorry for the two day absence. Big family gathering for Easter meant a road trip and little time near a computer.

Now on to the post at hand . . .

Nancy Boyda decided it would be good to recap her first 90 days in Congress with WIBW. Most of the time we get measurements at 100 days, but I guess Boyda wanted her own story rather than getting caught up in all the 100 day stories about the abysmal start by the Democrats.

Her most memorable quote from the piece was this one, "I was trying to figure out what shoes to wear."

Good grief. Maybe picking shoes was what she was doing the day "her bill" (the ethics one Democrat leadership handed her after she mucked up the ABC news interview) came to the floor and she didn't know what actually was in it. Or maybe black or blue heels was on her mind when she didn't check out the bill that cost our military installations over $40 million.

Probably this was Nancy Boyda's attempt at humor, but the fact she's voting like a liberal Democrat 98% of the time makes us think it's her attempt to distract the voters from what she's actually doing in Washington.

Happy Easter, (oh and I wore black shoes to church this morning Nancy).


Anonymous said...

good grief. Just when it doesn't look like your posts could be anymore outdo yourself again.

Anonymous said...

And the fact that Boyduh was talking about what shoes to wear isn't?

Anonymous said...

You are too kind about her quotes. First she whined that she had to wear cowboy boots to campaign, then she whined that she has to walk on marble all day. It was so lame that even I was embarrased for her. But I can't wait to see them in a GOP campaign ad.

Anonymous said...

the reason people don't vote for republicans if they can find a decent democrat is PERFECTLY evident in all of the posts on this blog

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