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Monday, April 9, 2007

What's Worse?

Nancy Boyda has apparently signed on to a letter opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants. This is in complete disagreement with her position on this issue during the campaign last year. She stated clearly in her announcement speech last April (as noted in the Cap Journal) and it was on her website, "the country should provide "a clear path" to citizenship for immigrants in the United States."

Now she says she's going to "vote her district" and oppose amnesty.

I don't know what is worse, that she really believes we should give illegals amnesty or that now she's caving in to political pressure and compromising one of her core beliefs. The former says she has no respect for the rule of law, the latter says she has no strength of character to stand up for what she believes.

Yet another example of Boyda saying one thing on the campaign trail and doing another in Washington, DC.


Anonymous said...

It's difficult to stand up for your beliefs when you really have no core values.

KU Blue said...

a "clear path to immigration" is very different from amnesty.

A clear path means there is a legal way for foriegn-nationals to pursue citizenship. Amnesty lets the one's that are here illegally stay here.

Keep fishing.

Anonymous said...

are you confused or are you trying to confuse voters?

Anonymous said...

ku blue is flustered there is someone actually calling out boyda.

I hear the kansas gop has something planned for boyda soon...

we'll see if they can keep from screwing it up.

Anonymous said...

Boyda used this answer in reply to what she would do about illegal immigrants. A clear path to citizenship when you came here illegally is amnesty. Sorry ku blue.

Anonymous said...

Nancy's never been for amnesty...she's always been for providing a clear path for people to become citizens legally...which has NOTHING to do with amnesty.

this is more Republican twisting...i hope your mother slaps you

Anonymous said...

Please describe what a clear path to citizenship is? Let me tell you what it is the legal system currently in place that has been adhered to by thousands.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, why would you need to provide a new clear path to citizenship UNLESS the people were here illegally and needed a new clear path to citizenship . . . i.e. amnesty.

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