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Monday, April 9, 2007

Ryun's Numbers?

Stay Red Kansas reports that sources have told them Jim Ryun will report raising $275,000 with $250,000 cash on hand.

I don't doubt the cash on hand number because that number's been tossed around a lot. Not sure how the other numbers would add up though.

If Ryun had $115,000 left over after paying all the bills last year, he would have only banked $135,000. That means he either spent $140,000 OR if the $275,000 includes a $115,000 transfer, then he only spent $25,000. The first number ($140K) seems high, the second number ($25K) seems low (and would mean he only actually raised $160,000, a solid, but not jaw dropping, figure).

If indeed the numbers are public, I'll let you know as soon as I see them.

[Update: Red State is reporting the numbers are $275K raised, $255K on hand. We still don't know if the $275K includes a $115K transfer. Sounds like a press release went out, so we'll probably read about it in the morning papers.]

[Update: A reader made an interesting point in an e-mail to me. They pointed out that Ryun didn't start raising money till after Kansas Days. So, whether he raised $160,000 or $275,000, it was just in two months. That makes it more impressive.]


Anonymous said...

Jenkins will have a hard time keeping pace.

Anonymous said...

Fundraising is one thing, campaigning is quite another. I'll reserve judgment to see if Ryun is a serious campaigner this time.

Anonymous said...

So what? Ryun raised almost 250,000 in the last days of the campaign. There were plenty of his friends in DC that lost thier job and had money to give him. Very little of that money is from the second district if any. Ryun has 2 families that consistantly max out to him in the 2cd, that's it. The Mod Don Barry/ Dave Kingsinger money will go to Jenkins or Tafanelli (if he jumps in soon enough) and the K Street money will go to whomever makes it out of the primary.

Anonymous said...

It will also be interesting to see if the Ryun campaign can actually get value for its campaign dollars. They didn't in Boyda II.

Anonymous said...

First, Dave Kensinger isn't moderate.

Second, the K Street money will go to Ryun unless he loses the primary. The NRCC is going to back Ryun in this race.

Third, rumors are Club for Growth will get in this race for Ryun which will more than make up for the moderate money going elsewhere.

Finally, if Ryun does indeed stretch this into a huge fundraising lead, much of the moderate money will come back to him.

Yes, the campaign has to match the money, but I'm betting it will.

Anonymous said...

Ryun better bust his gut by being at all county fairs, parades, community events, etc. this year and next. He needs to give people the impression he is engaged and part of their communities.

Anonymous said...

the NRCC will NEVER back someone who LOST to Nancy Boyda

Jenkins gets the endorsement, but Ryun still wins the primary

Anonymous said...

Boyda wins Boyda/Ryun III. Just like Ali/Frazier. Jenkins wins Boyda/Jenkins I.

Anonymous said...

It might be worth noting that if Mark Parkinson or Paul Morrison decide to run for Congress, Boyda cannot even win her own primary. And believe me, it is well known in KS that Sebelius and her crowd do not like Boyda. For those who are saying that neither live in the district, neither did Boyda until 2003 (at least the first time she moved into the district, not counting her move back to Kansas City in between runs).

Anonymous said...

I just called someone in the Ryun camp. The word is that this is Ryun's best 1st quarter ever and my guess is probably the best ever in the 2nd District. And they are breaking out the $160,000 raised since KS Days and saying this is $100k more than they've ever raised in any 1st quarter, the best before being $60k. Needless to say, my contact over there is fired up.

Anonymous said...

The NRCC will back Ryun and Ryun will most likely win the primary.

Boyda will not be primaried, but if she were, that would be great for Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I am as interested in seeing how much sweat equity Ryun will put into the race, as how much money he has raised. Money wasn't the issue last time in the minds of many. It was his committment to his district and doing the little things that people expect there elected representative to do.

Anonymous said...

Ryun will also need to project more of a working knowledge of the issues facing 2nd district voters than he did in the past. Sometimes he seemed to be only vaguely connected on the issues.

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